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Millionaires Should Be Required To Donate To Charity
People who have a million dollars or more live a very nice life. Should these people be required by law to donate a certain percentage of their money to a charity of their choice?
 BullDog  10 Jan 2008 01:04
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Yes, they should donate because they have lavished lives and can do something good for the poor and needy with their money and be good people. They could erase poverty and we could progress as a human race, past the need of materialistic pleasures.
 Abc123Man  04 Jun 2013 14:41
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Millionaires should be required to donate to charity. There should be a law to force rich people to donate some of their money. They should be obliged to help. Be a good person for Gods sake!!!!!
 PaulRocks  18 Apr 2013 03:47
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Yes because they should help the less fourtionit
 purple5  28 Apr 2012 23:58
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Yes! To the homeless who don't have anything and are suffering everyday just trying to make a dollar for one McDonald's cheeseburger.
 MooMooCat  25 Apr 2012 09:09
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 Most of them do. The simple fact is that it's their money and you have no right to it. But it's a slippery slope. What if the economy gets worse and there aren't enough millionaires? I guess we'll have to move on to those who make at least $500K, right? I mean, they have enough money don't they? Well let's say the economy takes another downward spiral. Let's make anyone who makes at least $100K donate to charity. See my point?
Besides, there aren't enough millionaires to even make a dent in the homeless problem, much less make a dent in it.
The wealthy always have a way to get out of certain taxes. There's a way to get out of just about any tax when you have the legal resources they do.
by  illini527
 25 Apr 2012 09:45
Sure. Unless they live in Japan where it is alot easier to get $1mill
 Leo110  20 Oct 2011 06:40
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I think rich people, the government, and the federal reserves should donate money to help people, animals, and the enviorment so life in this world wouldn't suck so much.
 Radev4  05 Jul 2011 20:40
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They dont need all of it.
 gamenut  08 Jan 2010 04:02
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Dam right the only way they do if there is a tax receipt in it for them.or they would cry the blues
 whittni  15 Dec 2008 17:19
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We can't force them to but they should give something decent
 naz  22 Oct 2008 19:57
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I believe that no on should be a millionaire, as they should give away all the money they don't need, and no on NEEDS to be a millionaire. Nice Point. You got me thinking.
 lavatis  06 May 2008 20:46
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 If I were forced to give away my money, why strive to make so much? (see 'communism' in the dictionary)
by  bishop
 06 May 2008 21:55
Most millionaires do give to charities because it is tax-deductible !
Without this incentive, they would probably keep their cash for them...
 Garamond  29 Apr 2008 14:44
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 Keep in mind, that even though it is tax deductible, they are still losing money. Would they give less? Maybe. But they wouldn't stop
by  bishop
 06 May 2008 21:56
This would be a very nice thing if the millionaires will come ahead and donate some of their highly accumulated money to charity. I am not at all dead against the millionaires having and spending their money by their own choice, but I am just trying to say that it would affect a least in their account if they donate some money to the charity. There are lots of people dying every now and then for the lack of money rather food, shelter or proper medical aid. What I am trying to make a point that the sea does not get affected if we take some water from it and give it to the person who needs it. Unbalanced distribution of money would lead to a complicacy in economical structure. The Government should make some positive moves in order to give those under-privileged people a proper aid.
 sudipa  23 Feb 2008 00:06
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 does the government give welfare to millionares or food stamps or free medical care no it does not unless the millionare lies pretty horribly so therefore the government does give aid to the underprivileged.
by  boy2girl31
 02 Jul 2008 03:45
I believe that there shouldn’t be any accumulation of wealth in a state or a country. In this way a country’s economy cannot grow and stop reaching up to the required level. When we look at a millionaire moving around in a society with pride and elegance, we definitely feel proud on a state that is bringing its citizens to this remarkable status. But there is always discontentment in our hearts when we watch people of the same state dying with hunger or getting frustrated due to economic problems. It is the duty of a government to take care of all its citizens no matter what their status is.

Accumulation of money should be prevented in order to get higher growth rate in an economy. This can only be done if millionaires play their role being the responsible citizens of a state. They should contribute towards societal economic as well as social benefits. But in case people do not feel their responsibility and keep on considering their self interests only then a state has a right to fix a certain amount to get contribution from those whose per month or per Annam income exceed from a certain limit. No doubt, taxes are taken up from citizen, are used by the government for the welfare of a state. But this small contribution from millionaires will be a great addition into that welfare. This small contribution will not affect the grand luxurious life of the millionaires but it will certainly be a blessing for poor people.
 Aileen  11 Jan 2008 15:05
 If an accumulation of wealth is ever stopped there will be no incentive to do better in life and the people will become lazy and stupid because it will not matter how smart you are if no matter what you do you can't have more than others.
by  boy2girl31
 02 Jul 2008 03:49
It would be a good idea if millionaires had to give some of their money to charity.
I'm not sure how it could be done though as even millionaires have rights to spend as they want to.
Perhaps some of the taxes they pay could be donated to charity and they could elect which charities to donate it too?
The idea of putting money from inheritance tax into charity is a good one too.
There's too much misspending on things that aren't necessary when millions of people are dying through lack of food and shelter and medical aid. This seems so unfair when some people can waste money on trivial things like fashion and designer goods. Yes we do need to do something to correct the unbalance.
Unequal distribution of wealth can lead to conflicts in society between the haves and have nots and these problems don't go away even in the so called 'advanced' western world where there are many people still living in poverty too as well as in less developed nations.
On problem would be how to force the wealthy in dictatorships and undemocratic societies to subscribe to this.
 Sophie1  10 Jan 2008 10:47
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Yes. I believe that people who are wealthy should be required by law to donate a designated percent to charity. They have a lot of money and most of the time, they spend it on things that they really do not need. So, if they can buy overpriced items, then why can't they help someone in need? I strongly believe that if a person has one million dollar or more (regardless of rather they earned it, won it, or inherited it), should be required to donate at least 10% to a charity of their choice. This type of law may be a big help to many charities who are really in need.
 BullDog  10 Jan 2008 01:07
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The word I think you're looking for is liberal, since liberals are for requiring working people to give money to non-workers and the poor. Imagine if you work 8 to 6, are well off, enjoy lots of comforts, and then a government agent comes into your house, points towards your new flat-screen TV and says "The government requires you to give up this for the less fortunate." They probably won't require actual material possessions, the point is the same.
 higa123  21 Apr 2013 17:18
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They should be helped by poors
 ALLC  18 Apr 2013 11:44
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Why would someone who worked hard to donate money ?
 3bbb3bbb  17 Feb 2013 07:46
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That is their own money. There shouldn't be laws about what they have to do with it.
 AJKA  13 Nov 2012 22:30
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They worked hard for their money, just because they make more than you doesnt make them any different. Let me give you a story. So you are back to when you are 12 years old. There are three people that live on a street. You, a woman, and another kid. U ask the woman if you can work for her by mowing her lawn. The other kid says "oh thats a good idea. I cant do that though because you took the only neighbor on the street". So they dont get any money and you get the job. Then, you mow the lawn, you work all day, and you get $20. Then your mom goes and says "oh thats so sad. He doesnt have any money. Go give him $10 of yours" thats what your asking them to do. Your asking them to give the money you worked hard for to the kid who sat around and played video games. They should only give to charity because they want to, they shouldnt have to. Thats why we have tax brackets.
 aszxaszx  20 Jan 2012 21:27
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Before giving the money to charity, you can earn more money by putting it in the bank, so you can get interest. The more you put in money in the bank, the more money you get.
 erickwon35  07 Jul 2011 21:43
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People work hard to earn that money why should someone push them into giving it up,it's like toiling for someone else, I think taxes are enough the more you earn the more you pay,that is ample.
 Medic  12 Dec 2010 18:46
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Na, i have 34 million in the bank and i didnt give a single dime to anyone. I work hard for my money so i have the right to do what i want with it. When i was poor as a child no one gave anything to me. Now i am working for microsoft making 5 million per year after taxes. Hard work equals succes not giving. Those charities need to do voluntering to get some money
 bball321  28 Oct 2009 15:24
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 you make 5 million Per year and spend time here.Don't
by  Medic
 12 Dec 2010 18:44
Tax payed is proportionate to income, so they're doing their part. Despite what idealists say, no one really has any responsibility for people they'll never even meet.
 RoboHippo  03 May 2009 20:36
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No! We pay a ridiculous % of taxes in this country. Top 10% pay like 90% of all taxes. 50% don't pay tax at all! Basically we are already doing our part.
When we do give to charity it is a high dollar amount. 1 million in income(300k in taxes). Lets say I give 50k away that is only 5%, but it is still 50k!
Giving money away for a tax deduction is ridiculous...that's not why we do it. 50k--> not tax, i save 30% so I am still out of pocket 35k . If I give nothing away I still have my 50k!

Self made rich people have spent the 1st quarter of there lives sacrificing and working crazy hard in order to become rich...
 k21  07 Mar 2009 16:01
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Why should they? They earned their money they should be able to use it however they like. These kinds of requirements would be just another way to take away our rights. Do you really think that is such a great idea? I would be really ticked off if someone told me how I had to spend my money.
 jaykaywy  04 Mar 2009 03:56
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Very bad idea. You should NEVER tell someone what they must do with the money they earn.
 Organicman  02 Dec 2008 07:09
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In order for the American economy to survive we must do the following:

1) Immediately eliminate income tax and establish a fair tax on spent income. Collect a fair tax at the point of consumer consumption.

2) Dismantle the IRS and let the Treasury handle the tax duties and revenue from the new fair tax.

3) Abolish any and all capital gains tax and death taxes. Stop punishing families for being successful.

4) Privatize health care and education to make it price competitive.

5) Abolish the Social Security system and let Americans be free to invest or not invest for their future.

6) Aggressively cut useless government programs.

7) Reform the welfare program. If you want to help with illegal immigration, then stop paying lazy Americans not to work. Make it hard to steal from the government.
 pathenry  25 Oct 2008 13:38
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You can't make me share!!!!!
 Specter87  21 Sep 2008 04:32
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First of all, that's completely against the constitution.Second of all, people who are millionaires probably got there by not giving to charity and saving.
 abc111  27 Aug 2008 03:35
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They earned their money fair and square right so why should there be any sort of requirement. It would be nice if they or their own free will did give more money but no way should they be forced.
 kddan  23 Aug 2008 11:55
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No. You give more. Stop trying to justify stealing from other people.
 Cons_Lies  23 Aug 2008 05:15
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It would be nice but that's there money not the governments that's why we pay taxes to supply those people.
 Lawyer  18 Aug 2008 05:10
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It is no one business how much money one makes, or what they choose to do with it. Why do the rich need to feel guilty for making money? Believe me the government gets it's share
 lubster  03 Jul 2008 07:28
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The more money you make the more money you pay in taxes so the rich already contribute more money to try to force them to pay more would be the same as saying be stupid don't try because you are not going to be allowed to get ahead in life.
 boy2girl31  02 Jul 2008 03:51
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I think that they should not be required to donate a certain amount to charity. I mean they somehow earned or won the money... So they should be able to spend their money any way they want to. It is their money...not the Charity's...In other words the charity didn't earn it or win it. Although I think that IT would be best to donate money to charity. But it should NOT be required!
 BTDE-Vicky  13 Jun 2008 04:34
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That goes against capitalism and is downright unAmerican.
 ur_wrong  28 May 2008 19:52
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No! They earn the money, why should they be forced to give it away if they worked hard for it. Charity is something that you do willingly.
 algyptalia  09 May 2008 20:53
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 Exactly! It's not charitable if it's required. That's just another tax.
by  RoboHippo
 03 May 2009 20:38
As ideal as this sounds, millionaires would simply emigrate to other countries like the US where taxes are much lower.
 ibanex_87  06 May 2008 21:58
 Lower?!? Than where?
by  innomen
 28 May 2008 19:56
Charity is not an obligation nor is it a right. Charity is a gift and should be appreciated and not expected, when it becomes an obligation it is nothing more then another tax.
 flw1970  26 Apr 2008 00:39
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Donating to anything must be optional for everyone. Forcing millionaires/billionaires to donate but not forcing everyone is a form of discrimination.
 Dan4096  30 Mar 2008 07:40
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No we should not be required to. I take it required means forced to.

I would be happy to bet that most of us do anyway. The Mr Burns character is not really a fair reflection of most millionaires. I base that on the dozen or so I know or have known.

Besides they pay more tax than anyone else anyway.

Ps. I not really a millionaire, I was just in fantasy land for a moment.
 StBalders  21 Mar 2008 18:16
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Just because they did the work to earn the money that others don't have doesn't mean that have to give it away. It is their money.
 melisiwa  21 Mar 2008 18:06
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Stop creating more laws that are unconstitutional. A millionaire is a person and every person has the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The government has no authority to force it's people to give money to charity.
 openurmind  01 Mar 2008 23:42
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Not the people who have the millions made it themselves
 vgking13  29 Feb 2008 23:18
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While I do not think that millionaires should be required by law to donate to a charity, because it is their money, I do not think it is fair that they are taxed just as much as the people below the poverty level. I don't think it would do them much harm if their taxes were raised slightly and the taxes on the poor were lowered. Otherwise, you've got a static society where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and eventually the middle class dies.
 The_Alex  01 Feb 2008 04:17
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 taxed just as much? Jesus!

The top 10% earners in this country pay 80% of the total income tax in this country. Everyone else covers the other 20%. Taxed as much? They're taxed just a tad more.
by  Cons_Lies
 23 Aug 2008 05:13
The millionaires earned the money through hard work, and should therefore not be required to give it up without their consent. If they choose to donate, as many do, then they are free to. But we hold no right to steal from the rich and give to the poor ;)
 TyWhyHiTy  30 Jan 2008 23:10
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I agree with these people because its their money and they earned it
 bobbilly  28 Jan 2008 22:20
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