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Should Girls Be Able To Play On Boy Dominate Sports?
I just hate it that girls are treated unequally and it is wrong so I want other opinions. Please commit
 qwerty42  30 Apr 2012 10:29
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YES! Girls are always being put down, cuz they're weak or they're to feminine but there are girls who ARE NOT tomboys and are really good at a male dominant sport :)
 arianamjr  29 May 2012 12:55
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There should not be any discrimination against
girls or women anywhere in the world. Spare
a thought for the poor girls and women in places like Pakistan, India, Afganistan, and the list goes on and on. Women and men should be treated equally.
 Martin  02 May 2012 09:32
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This is coming from a guy who used to do football and wrestling. My school allowed anyone who wanted to play in either sport. It wasn't until my junior year in high school that we got a girl on the wrestling team. At first it was a little uncomfortable having to grapple with a woman, but in time she became one of the guys. I honestly think that all sports should be co-ed. I think it's funny how most of the girls at my school thought that they should be allowed to play male-dominated sports, but guys should be denied access to female-dominated sports such as volleyball (not that I was ever interested in playing volleyball.)
 rewndude1  02 May 2012 08:18
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It's so dumb how girls are thought to be all girly and gossiping during recess, but some girls are tomboys, and can even be better than boys at their own sports. Of course they should be able, but who's stopping us from NOT letting girls doing it? That's just the problem.
 Athena_Owl  30 Apr 2012 21:15
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If a girl wants to play on a sports team that is predominantly boys then she (parents too if she's in school) of the risk, but if she's willing to risk it then she should be allowed to play.
 Celtica1  30 Apr 2012 16:56
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Why should girls be put down because they are not boys what if I want to play football suck it up boys.
 qwerty42  30 Apr 2012 10:30
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My baby could get hurt with them wild hoodlums
 KEYKEY14  30 Apr 2012 14:06
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 wow u are so raciest.
by  qwerty42
 01 May 2012 10:20
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