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Cell Phone Use Should Be Banned While Driving An Automobile
Today, many people talk on their cell phones while they are driving a car. This leads to many wrecks and accidents. Should a law be created that prohibits cell phone use while driving? Some places already have this law, but does it really reduce accidents?
 BullDog  12 Jan 2008 02:21
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Totally - a driver of a car needs to concentrate totally on the road, and they can't do this while talking or texting on a phone.
 GrahamC  01 Aug 2013 07:14
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People should not use the phone as it is realy dangerous. This is the main cause of accidents.
 Rishab-17  05 Jun 2013 09:37
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There has been so many accidents because of cell phones if its has to be held in your hand or could distract you than it should be banned i thing we should put it down and save a life so we can have a better life
 savvyjo  21 Mar 2013 09:24
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I think it should be banned beacause of the distractions its like you are drinking and driving you are unaware of your actions while talking cause your too caught up in your convorsation it should be banned
 random213  17 Jan 2013 00:52
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Agreed. At least with texting. It has been proven that texting and driving is more dangerous than drunk driving. If its important it can wait till you pull to a safe area. It is impossible to crash a parked car after all. In Colorado its illegal for teens under 18 to use the phone period unless their the passenger and its illegal for you to text and drive nomatter what the age.
 deathnote9  12 Jan 2013 01:38
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Why should people drive using phones?
 ryanrjlim  01 Feb 2012 07:18
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Yeah very dangerous offenders should be shot yeah?
 proby96  10 Dec 2010 22:33
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Here in ireland we are not aloud to text while driving, let alone use a mobile phone!
 fiesta111  29 Mar 2010 21:17
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I agree. Here in washington state talking on the phone and texting are secondary laws so you can't get pulled over for them, but if you do get pulled over you can get a ticket for that too. I think this is stupid and wimpy. If your going to make a law for it then ban it completely. There's no point the way it is. A person can be texting but then put away their phone when the police officer walked over.
 dancer12  17 Mar 2010 20:21
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I am actually for this because this has caused many deaths in our generation. It's dangerous, it distracts people, and you can always call your friend back. So, I'm for this.
 CustomNITE  10 Dec 2009 04:36
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Yapping on your cell phone or texting while driving is extremely dangerous. It's already caused some pretty ugly accidents. People should put the darn things away and keep your eyes on the road.
 webman1200  07 Jun 2009 04:49
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It is against the law to talk on a cell phone while driving unless, you have a bluetooth or a handsfree.
 Zach324  27 Feb 2009 01:16
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It is a huge add on to vehicle related deaths.
 yu_yevin  15 Oct 2008 00:31
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YES, unless its an emergency. But 77% are killed cuz of putting on make up or talking on a phone or doing a not relative activity
 hb_26  26 Jul 2008 21:33
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I am totally against government making more laws about things they shouldn't be involved in, but this is different. This is about the safety of the other people around those crazy drivers. It is proven fact that talking on your cell while driving impairs you worse then driving while buzzed. So, in this case, I think that it does need to be made into a law.
 DTigers7  10 Jun 2008 16:11
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They should be banned.
1) You tend to concentrate less on driving when using the cell phone.
2) What if the phone call needs emergency from you, you might get panicked.
3) You might not be able to concentrate properly on driving even after you have ended the conversation, since you will be thinking about the conversation.
 andrea  10 Jun 2008 14:57
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Yes, like many of the posts before, they cause accidents!
 celva_olva  10 Jun 2008 04:15
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Those people never pay attention to what's really going on in the road.
 mastermov  10 Jun 2008 03:30
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I agree, and it is already against the Law in the United Kingdom.
 Snipex  09 Jun 2008 21:54
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Slow driver is always a sign someone is chatting on the cell phone.
 moreno  09 Jun 2008 20:07
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 I agree. I've been in 3 near accidents because someone is intent on what they're saying while talking on a cell phone. Also, I was waiting at an intersection while this vehicle was coming on my left. No signal light and they started turning onto the road I was sitting at, waiting for them to pass. Made me mad to say the least. As she started to pass me I yelled out my window, "don't you have signal lights", she dropped her phone out of fright and almost lost control of her truck. I kind of laughed but I was still mad. People don't concentrate on their driving while talking on a cell phone.
by  benlittle
 13 Jun 2008 23:34
Yes ! Too dangerous !
 Garamond  09 Jun 2008 12:31
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We do have this law in Australia, although it only applies to hand-held devices. I think that hands-free doesn't really matter, because it's [pretty much the same as talking to another passenger.
 boffy_j  09 Jun 2008 08:13
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It's already banned in Australia but loads of people still do it, obviously the consequences aren't very pleasant though.
 gogo303ng  07 Jun 2008 13:09
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That is a great idea. I am sure many people already do that, however, I am sure others continue to still talk on the road. But talking and driving is not the only distraction. People do other things like put make-up in their cars while driving (trust me, I've seen it). Funny, onetime I saw this guy brushing his teeth in the car. But I do think talking in the car should be prohibited. There is only one problem with this. Who will enforce this law?
 ice_cold  03 Jun 2008 03:53
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I totally agree. I have for 10 years pulled over to dial the phone. I will admit to answering it while driving but I don't agree with it being safe to do so.
 momof3  22 May 2008 02:37
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I think they should simply build micro wave screening into the car body (& restaurant walls, etc) that block all cell phone transmission & reception inside the structure
 hatrack49  22 May 2008 02:13
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 Great idea but only a small percentage of the population is driving a new car. I only wish I was one of them. ; )
by  momof3
 22 May 2008 02:39
Yes because there have been more accidents on mobile phones in a car by being distracted.
 markrjg  06 May 2008 20:57
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Unless accompanied by a headset, the use of cell phones by a driver inside a moving vehicle should be outlawed. It's a big cause for accidents and has little upsides to it. After all, you can talk on the phone outside of the car or while parked.
 TyWhyHiTy  18 Mar 2008 02:23
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Bravo for the UK’s banning of cell phone use while driving! More and more U.S. States are following suit.
Numerous studies have proven that talking on a cell while driving results in the same accident rate as if you were driving under the influence. Teens already have the highest accident rate, and when you throw in their fondness for text messaging, it makes me want to never leave home again …
Hands-free or headset phones have proven to cause just as many accidents so this is not a viable option.
Honestly, folks, is it absolutely impossible for you to get off the phone for just a few minutes?! It’s bad enough to have to listen to your inane chatter as you wander supermarket aisles, but surely saving your own or someone else’s life while behind the wheel is more important than letting Hubby know you’re late coming home for dinner.
 chispa  13 Mar 2008 20:50
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Absolutely except in the case of headset or bluetooth. It needs to be something handsfree because one i don't think there's a chance of banning even handsfree devices and two emergencies happen 24/7 365 even while driving so I'd like a nice healthy way for me to contact family and friends even if their driving...especially my mother
 ambercol  08 Mar 2008 23:44
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Yes defiantly you must be stupid to disagree because it can get you killed
 Dopefish  08 Mar 2008 19:16
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Yes,i know a girl who killed a man because she was texting.
 viking435  06 Mar 2008 23:35
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It will cause people to wreck, a lot of people die because of people talking on the phone and not paying attention to the road
 huntcowboy  29 Feb 2008 00:48
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This is a very serious issue and what I feel that people should not avoid it as it may turn to be very much fatal to you as well as your family too. Using cell phone while driving can bring the ultimate catastrophe to anyone or one’s family. Driving the car needs mind’s concentration very much and if a person remains busy while driving his concentration would be evaporated which can lead to a fatal accident. The law should be imposed immediately to control this problem. The usage of mobile phones is getting increased each day and the use of cell phones while driving must be banned. There are numerous campaigns are made in order to make the drivers aware of this fact that this is unsafe to use a cell phone during driving. But the banning of cell phones while driving will be more effective to the problem.
 sudipa  28 Feb 2008 21:44
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I agree. I can't tell you how many stupid people I see on the roads that are using their cells.
 M_Power  28 Feb 2008 01:44
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Its like saying picking your nose with one hand while trying to turn the radio with your other should be banned! Where does it/would it end??
 jburg6  28 Sep 2010 16:43
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What about the fact that cops get to have there laptops and CBs to talk to other cops, IMO it would be hypocritical to make everyday people put down the phones and distractions when there is so many in the car of the person that would pull you over.
 LME  08 Apr 2009 23:42
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If people use a blue tooth or head set while they are driving then its okay to talk on the phone while driving.
 Huntersmom  27 Feb 2009 03:37
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 If they're engrossed in conversation to the point that they're unaware of their surroundings they can still get in an accident. Not as easily, but still.
by  dlmiller82
 03 Sep 2009 01:49
If there were a law passed for anything that could distract us while behind the wheel of a vehicle, most people would be homebound much of the time. I do not have statistics on how many accidents are prevented by banning talking on a cell while driving, however I believe it is the nature of the call that is more responsible for accidents than the call itself. Most people are influenced greatly by emotion. If we get a call that upsets us, we are likely to stop paying attention to the task at hand. With that being said, we get in the car and drive many times our minds are occupied with things that cause distraction. I get so sick of people gesturing that I should get off the phone while I am driving, yet their reaction and turning all around in their seat to gesture at me is likely more hazardous than my conversation. I see people eating meals, shaving, putting on makeup, arguing with their kids in the back seat...etc. Are we going to make all of that illegal as well. If we have someone in the car with us, begin a conversation, turn to face them while making a point, we just put our attention into something other than the fact that we are behind the wheel of a vehicle capable of causing great destruction and multiple deaths. If you are upset, crying or furious about something, do you still drive? Is your attention as focused on the road as it is normally in said situation? People need to stop blaming all kinds of things on phones or any other factor. The fact is, when you are behind the wheel, you need to be rested, emotionally stable, paying attention to the road and not whether John Doe in the car next to you is gabbing on the phone. If you pay attention to your own actions, you will do your part in cutting down on automobile accidents. Everyone needs to try to reflect on what they should be doing and stop looking around at others to place blame. Be responsible for your actions and allow others to be responsible for theirs (at least unless you are certain that someone is posing a threat to your or someone else's safety). If we all did that, the roads would be safer. In fact, if everyone paid more attention to the way they handle situations in their own life instead of how others handle their life, the whole world would be a better place.
 my2cents2u  16 Nov 2008 04:27
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I do not want the give the Government the right to tell me what I can and cannot do in my vehicle or my home. Too slippery a slope there. Soon they will say no eating, radios or multiple passengers, all of which are distractions while driving.
 fairie  06 Nov 2008 17:31
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Just be aware that your increasing your odds of an accident and that you will have more liability in such a case. I can't chew gum and drive at the same time, but some people are born multitaskers.
 Specter87  28 Sep 2008 05:04
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Hands free should be OK. If we can't talk on phones u shouldn't be allowed to talk at all.
 bajajman  03 Jun 2008 03:12
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I think that if you are using a bluetooth headset, then you should be allowed. Furthermore, many states/counties have a ban on cellphone usage, at least by young drivers. And if cellphones are distracting, what about the radio? Should that be banned too, cause it is a health risk.
 me1974  28 May 2008 02:03
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I never give up a right, or a freedom willingly. You will never get it back. I value my freedom greatly, and wont budge at any point.
 innomen  16 Apr 2008 16:54
 What about the right of the person who has been killed by a driver on a mobile telephone?
by  pallan281
 05 May 2008 20:13
I'm against it that's like saying that we should take radios out of cars because it looses our attention when we change the channels
 crossout  15 Apr 2008 21:55
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 Radios are at least things you can change while waiting for a red light to go green.
by  ice_cold
 03 Jun 2008 03:55
I believe that people do not pay attention the way they should when talking on a cell phone and driving, but there is no reason to ban them. I think to be able to drive and talk, people should have to invest in the blue tooth's. It takes the attention away from holding the phone and makes dialing much easier by just speaking the number.
 demo  31 Mar 2008 03:11
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I don't agree. I think that they should let them use at least cell phone headsets or something. What about times of emergency?
 green15  21 Feb 2008 19:12
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 In times of emergency you "stop your vehicle", then you call. Wise up.
by  benlittle
 13 Jun 2008 23:36
I don't agree.
 baconbust  27 Jan 2008 22:34
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Rather than banning cell phone use while driving, car owners should be encouraged to purchase headphones or built-in speakers to put in their vehicles, so that they are able to take calls and talk over their mobiles without having to hold a handheld device.

Having a discussion on a cell phone is really just one of many distractions that can take a driver's attention away from the road and potentially lead to an accident. Having children bickering with each other in the back, engaging in a deep philosophical discussion with a friend next to you in the front, or arguing with your spouse are probably just as distracting as using a cell phone.

Banning mobiles altogether would be an extreme response to a safety risk that everyone takes when they decide to drive a car. Lowering speed limits or enforcing existing ones are both more effective ways to cut down on the number of accidents, most of which are speed related.
 mackenzie  18 Jan 2008 18:11
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I do not think that cell phone use should be banned while driving a car. If we are going to ban cell phone use while driving, we will also have to ban listening to the radio, eating, and any other activities that people do while driving a car. I have seen people reading while driving and applying make up while driving. I believe these actions to be more dangerous because they actually take the driver’s eyes from the road. Whereas, if the driver is talking on the cell phone, his/her eyes are on the road. I think that one should pull over to dial the number, but banning cell phone use while driving a car is crazy. If they are going to ban cell phones while driving, then to be fair, they will have to ban the other common activities that drivers engage in while driving down the road.
 Professor  12 Jan 2008 02:42
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