New Debates in Shopping
Do You Think That We All Should Have A Fidget Spinner
I think that we should all have a fidget spinner read more...
Should 16 Year Old Kids Get A Credit Card ?
Hello my name is Tyliah and today I would like to talk to you about the topic I have just stated it has come to my attention that 16 year old teens are getting a credit card they are to young to have... read more...
Christmas Shopping Stock Should Only Be Put On Shelfs 2 Weeks Before Christmas Day
What are your opinions?
Should A Woman Who Gave Up Smoking Last December Buy A Packet Of Cigs And Smoke And Drink With Friends When Her Husband's Away In Wisconsin?
Personally i think it's the kind of thing a reprobate would do read more...
Are Carpets Good For The Floors Than Tiles?
I think carpets are the best floor covering option for residential as well as commercial sectors though they are difficult to maintain but can transform the whole interior space more luxurious. read more...
All Debates in Shopping
Shopping Online Is Better Than Going Out And Shopping
I think that with pretty much everything available online today, you really don't need to go through the hassle of going out to shop. read more...
Sites Like EBay Encourage People To Overspend And Buy Things They Don't Really Want
Online shopping can lead to overspending and encourage people to buy goods they don't need. read more...
I Think That Clothes Should Be Less Expensive Than What They Are.
I think that clothes should be lowered on the price because they are so expensive now a days. read more...
Most Advertisements Are Misleading
Many advertisements on television and in the media today are misleading. They do not deliver all they promise. Producers always include false information to get people to buy the product. This is unfair... read more...
Specer's Gifts Should Be Shut Down
Spencer's gifts is a chain mall shop which teens and even young kids like to go. Unfourtinately it has Vulgar, Sexual, and Obscence merchendise. Parents have been shocked to see there kids go in and look... read more...
Hollister Is Too Expensive
Hollister has nice clothes, jackets, and shoes. It is a lot of money to pay just for a shirt. I paid $64.00 for a jacket. Should they lower their prices? read more...
Costco Is Better Than Jewel Osco
Costco is cheaper, and it has a broader kinds of food and drink. read more...
TV Advertising Is A Waste Of Money And Doesn't Convince Viewers To Invest In A Particular Product!!!!!!!
TV Advertising is current in nearly all TV channels, and when there is a break in a TV show and the ads come on i just walk away because i couldn't care less about a new toothpaste brand or a sale on at... read more...
People Make Too Big A Deal About Fashion.
Yes they do!~
Tesco And Asda (Wal-mart) Have Become Too Powerful.
Tesco is absolutely huge here in Britain. Is it eliminating competition from smaller businesses? read more...
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