New Debates in Science
God Is Fake
There is no scientific evidence of god or religious stories having happened as described, so why do we think they're real!? read more...
Graphene Is The Magical Material Of This Century!!!
Scientists create graphene-based sieve that is able to make seawater drinkable read more...
Did Universe And Time Had A Begining Or They Just Existed ?
He big bang really happened then time had a start too. In my perspective if time had a start and big bang really happened then it means universe was either created (by 'god' which we dont have any knowledge... read more...
Asiatic Lion Vs Bengal Tiger
Well since it seems that it has been proven that the african lion is to superior to the bengal tiger shown here: Accounts I figure I make it more fair, and more logical, since india had once held... read more...
Evolution Has Robbed Us Of Our Tails
Without tails we can no longer swing about from tree to tree, which is why so few of us care about the destruction of rainforests. Its a knock on effect read more...
All Debates in Science
Evolution Is Wrong
Do you believe evolution? There is no scientist can give strong evidence to support evolution. I would like to hear your opinion. read more...
Genetic Research Is A Technological Advance That Can Benefit The Human Race.
I think that understanding the details of the body's genetics is a powerful tool and the scientists should not be condemned for using it. It can and will save hundreds of thousands of lives. read more...
Clones Are Soulless Animals
And i believe the same about test tube babies. Just because an egg ans sperm are grouped together doesnt mean that its meant to be. Test tube babies and clones are not a gift from god but a gift from... read more...
In The Future There Will Be Hover Cars And Other Technology They Say They May Have
How know people didn't think they could even have plaines but we have them read more...
We Should Clone Endangered Species
If we clone them then there population will incresae inturns causes the gov. To back away and stop spending $$$ to protect them. read more...
Animal Testing Should Be Allowed
Animal testing Should be allowed
Evolution Is The Only Logical Reason With Any Evidence To Why People Are Here Today
Creationism, while it paints a pretty picture, is over all not backed by anything blind faith. Evolution is the only rational reason to how humans cam to be. read more...
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: It Is Ok To Be Used To Explore Cures For Diseases
I believe that stem cell research is the next step forward for curing diseases such as parkinson's, diabetes type 1 mellitus,spinal cord injuries etc... Your views please! read more...
Instead Of Doing Testing On Animals, They Should Do Testing On Prisoners Who Are Doing Life Sentences Or Who Are On Death Row
Many scientists use rats and other animals for product testing. Humans and animals are not the same and should not be compared. It would be better to test products on prisoners who are doing life sentences... read more...
Science Is Not Based On Faith
Some claim that science is like religion and is based on faith, which I think is wrong. What's your opinion? read more...
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