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School Buses Should Have Seatbelts
School buses should have seat belts that are mandatory for the students to wear. They should also provide a monitor for each end of the bus to ensure their use. I see too many times, children standing on school buses, just waiting to get ejected or seriously injured during a crash.
 seoems369  01 Feb 2008 19:01
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For children safety, of course!
 ryanrjlim  01 Feb 2012 08:13
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If school buses had seatbelts less people could die or get injured
 Kasper450  08 Jan 2010 16:22
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 Reasonable point, but statisticly how many people have ACTUALLY died on school buses thanks to the lack of seatbelts?
by  DdAWg
 29 Jan 2011 18:31
Yeah they should
 Shayla453  16 Apr 2009 02:36
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I agree that school buses should have seatbelts, but mandatory use is over the top and paying 2 monitors per bus is just a huge waste of already tight school funds.
 ur_wrong  25 Aug 2008 02:19
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So it is the time taken to get home and not children's safety that is the priority here,
how logical
 martlamb  22 May 2008 22:27
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Yes,they should.It would make them totally safer and it would help parents to not worry so much.
 viking435  07 Mar 2008 01:33
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What if the driver is bad or there is really bad traffic or other drivers
 huntcowboy  06 Mar 2008 22:07
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Yeah, I agree, but would kids use them? Don't think so!
And if there's a person making sure they do what's to say he won't get abused? That's the sort of society we live in!
 collinslfc  16 Feb 2008 12:23
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Its unsafe for kids to knot have seat beals and the sad thing is its a law to have seat belts but in a school bus they don't have seat belts?
Whats with that
 hiddensc  04 Feb 2008 17:01
 I don't know, I would like that answered too.
by  1andonly
 11 Feb 2008 01:13
Buckle up!
 HUCK2008  03 Feb 2008 22:43
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Sure thing, buses should have them but good luck enforcing this new law. It really comes down to the parents, they should be teaching there children not to stand up and mess around. I grew up with my grand mother as the bus driver and I did not think twice about defying her. Same goes for other kid, if they knew that they would have a dually deserved butt whooping then I bet they “the kids” would behave a lot better.
 pappabear  03 Feb 2008 22:11
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 I drove the bus for 3 years. Couldn't take the little monsters anymore. Parents have no clue what the kids act like away from home - and, they don't believe it when you tell them.
by  ABnormal55
 01 Jan 2016 09:17
Yes, there should certainly be seatbelts on school buses. Having a safe journey is far more important than a quicker journey!

Buses without seatbelts allow children to stand up and mess around, which could result in the driver being distracted and an accident occurring.

Like Twilight said, it is very unusual that this has not already been put into action. All cars have seatbelts, so why shouldn't school buses? And not just school buses, but public buses as well. This is something that should definitely be done.
 louise23  03 Feb 2008 16:15
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It’s strange why this has not been implemented already. When wearing a seat belt is necessary while driving in a car then why not in school buses? Even airplanes have seat belts for safety even though the chances of accident are far less for airplanes.

I believe the lives of young children are far more important then any oil or gas reserve and that is why I am for the topic. The ride time could be reduced if the monitors (as suggested by the initiator of this debate) helped children out of their seat belts when they were nearing their bus stop. At least the rest of the children will be safe when the bus stopped.
 Twilight  03 Feb 2008 07:17
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It would keep the kids in their seats instead acting up and getting into trouble. NOt to mention the saftey aspect!
 morallaw  02 Feb 2008 01:24
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Look if you have children that ride the bus don't you want them to be safe. It doesn't matter about how fast you get to school its a bout your safety
 guyfat  01 Feb 2008 22:34
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 Absolutely right!
by  1andonly
 11 Feb 2008 01:15
I used to be a school bus driver. There is a very valid reason why belts are not in the buses. Too long and detailed to get in to here, but you are completely ignorant on the subject, and shouldn't be talking about it at all. Take the kids to school yourself if safety is your beef.
 ABnormal55  01 Jan 2016 09:01
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As long as the bus driver is being responsible I don't see why we'd need them. Even in a crash a seat belt wouldn't do much because before it activated we would have already hit the seat in front of us. Anyway, it's kinda fun to slide on the seat when the bus rounds a corner.
 Celtica1  30 Apr 2012 17:39
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Having seatbealts in school buses doesn't care more. The thing that cares more is having a good bus driver
 abdul  24 Aug 2008 14:16
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 replace care with matter
by  Carlton
 01 Oct 2008 02:48
Dear, Ty
Obviously you've never seen an ejected body up close and personal. I don't see how you can say a quicker ride time and conserving fuel is any comparison to saving a life of a child. But, that's your opinion.

(would delete this and comment it to you but I don't know how)
 seoems369  01 Feb 2008 20:29
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Although it may prove safer in the end, it'd be much easier without them- kids wouldn't have to unbuckle them at their stops, allowing for a quicker exit, meaning a quicker ride time. And a quicker ride means less gas used, meaning we could help save the oil of the world.

Oh yeah, and seat belts make us feel too restrained =D
 TyWhyHiTy  01 Feb 2008 20:27
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