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Scantily-Clad Entertainers On-Stage Are Sad Little People
What makes these entertainers think we want to see everything they've got? One would think it's ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC!
 Scorpion  20 Aug 2008 19:22
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Nakedness on stage is crass.
Entertainers should be dressed/fully-clothed. Skin scares us.

It's all about the music.
 debategal  13 Dec 2009 20:17
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Especially Ballet dancers.
 keepmindok  21 Aug 2008 17:28
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 actually ballet-dancers have Class....so....it's not obscene...
by  debategal
 13 Dec 2009 20:18
People should concentrate on the music, not who's playing it. At the end of the day, you can be downright sexy and still play bad music.
 Sanareth  21 Aug 2008 12:14
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True music comes from the soul... Do you really have to see people in this light? Far better to imagine, and by your own imagination envisage?... Wow that is just too much Lol...;-)...x
 joe9  21 Aug 2008 19:27
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 lol, I see what you mean, Joe9. ;-)
by  Scorpion
 21 Aug 2008 19:50
I can see both sides of this. You can justify the sex appeal based on the demands of a public willing to pay to see it. On the other hand you might judge the entertainer for not having the skill or principle to let their music be the hook.

Speaking as a fairly normal guy -- sometimes I enjoy seeing the scantily clad women do their thing. Of course a few take it too far and several of the superstar brat girls out there really can't sing well at all and are only huge due to skimpy clothes and dance routines, and in those cases I would agree with your claim. It used to be you had to be able to sing in order to be a big music star.
 Grenache  20 Aug 2008 22:36
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The people that pay to see them scantily clad is what makes them think people want to see them scantily clad. I don't see that they are the sad ones, more the ones paying.
 Mosschops  20 Aug 2008 21:46
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 lol, those too....;-0
by  Scorpion
 21 Aug 2008 05:04
What makes these entertainers think we want to see everything they've got? The fact that we pay them to do it, perhaps?

People do want to see it. What makes you think they don't?
 sander  20 Aug 2008 21:41
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