New Debates in Pets
Calvin Nikont's Love For X-Rated Nun Porn Knows No Boundaries!!!
Calvin Nikont of South Dakota just can't stop requesting Naughty Nun Porn!!! read more...
Dang, Calvin Nikont Of South Dakota Has Requested ANOTHER X-Rated Flick
Calvin Nikont just CANNOT stop requesting smut!! He must be the horniest perv I've ever met. read more...
Should Cosmetics Be Tested On Animals?
Who could we test our cosmetics on? Pets? Or is their an alternative and not animal cruelty read more...
If AR Were Your Pet Puppy, How Would You Discipline Him?
Every time he 'cut and pasted' on your new carpet, would you: 1) rub his nose in it 2) spank him on his little bottom with a rolled up newspaper 3) lock him in the bathroom for hours 4) take him back... read more...
Do You Love Cats Or Dogs
Do you love cats or dogs
All Debates in Pets
Animals Should Not Try To Act Like People
Animals are animals, we should not train them to behave like human. Making them wear clothes, eat can food, use toilet, is not good. read more...
A Dog Should Only Eat Dog Food.
It's not good to give dogs human food, such as tea, juice, chocolate, sweets, and etc read more...
Making Dogs Have Dog Clothing Is Wrong.
I do not think any dogs like wear clothes, but lots of people force their dogs wear something, which they might think its cute or can warm them. I think its wrong, dogs are not human, wearing clothes will... read more...
A Dog Is A Person's Best Friend
Is a dog a man's best friend or even better? read more...
More Should Be Done About Dangerous Dogs
We all know there's dangerous dogs out there, and last year especially was a bad year in terms of dangerous dogs. So the key question is should more be done about dangerous dogs, if so what do you 'reckon... read more...
We Should Not Keep Animals As Pets
It is cruel to keep animals as pets. Generally pets may have better shelter, or more secured food source, but humans can't give the essential part which they really need as animals. They are often left... read more...
Animals Shouldn't Be Used As Clothing
I think that using animals fur is like using humans hair as a coat or a sock read more...
It Should Be Illegal To Leave Animals Outside During Winter
Do you think it should illegal to have pets outside during winter? read more...
Animal Testing Is Sick And WRONG!!!!
I think that you should not test animal because it defaces there pride and sometimes it may kill the animals and make up is one of the worst things for animal testing read more...
Animal Testing Should Only Be On Rats
Rats are over populating our earth, and are 99.9% related to us so what better animal than a over populated, basically human, animal to test on. I am totally anti animal testing, but think that if it needs... read more...
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