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Persons Who Make Un-Substantiated-Allegations Or Slander Against An Innocent Person Should Be Imprisoned
Because BEARING FALSE-WITNESS is a crime against Individuality and Humanity and is a LIE. If someone has not been PROVEN = SEEN, doing you wrong? Then it is A CRIME to say they have or IMPLY they have. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT to the contrary : This, is fair, and just, and right for all human beings.
 00uuu00  16 Dec 2008 23:10
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How do you balance that with the need for people to be able to come forward with real information without fear of reprisal? It’s rarely easy to discern fact in situations that involve false witness.
Besides it is already illegal to perjure yourself and when they can prove it they usually throw the book at people who do so. Our legal system depends so much on testimonial evidence, so it is important to try to preserve the integrity of that evidence. Not only that a lawyer can also go to jail for knowingly allowing someone to perjure themselves.
 finsch  17 Dec 2008 08:39
 un-truthful accusation is slander, and it is wrong.
by  Mystery
 17 Dec 2008 17:15
Gossip should be outlawed.
 Rapunzel  17 Dec 2008 04:05
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It is called, "Bullying" . Slander, and Gossip, are forms of Terrorism.
Bullying and Defamation-Of-Character should carry a jail-term.
No one has the right to treat someone else like dirt : If someone has done you no harm, then you are without basis to express your hate.
 Mystery  17 Dec 2008 02:48
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They do, it's called wasting police time.
 Quincel  16 Dec 2008 23:28
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It's in the hands of the defamed individual.
 Specter87  20 Dec 2008 02:39
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Actually, there is quite a difference in burden between a shadow of a doubt and a reasonable doubt, but it's actually irrelevant here. Slander is not a criminal offense it is a civil matter covered by tort law. In that case it is decided by a preponderance of the evidence, not a shadow or reasonable doubt.

To suggest that it should be a criminal offense could put a lot of pressure on the first amendment.
 kyrosin1  18 Dec 2008 06:13
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It is innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
 Rodney  17 Dec 2008 12:08
 That's why your over here? To correct the phrasing? The two phrases are interchangable. They say "beyond a shadow of a doubt" in court too big guy.
by  Specter87
 17 Dec 2008 12:51
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