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People Who Are Different Are Treated Badly
People always seem to discriminate against people who are the least bit different. For example, emos, goths, moshers etc.
 mutani  30 Sep 2008 10:40
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People are afraid of what they don't understand
 Mrfink31  02 Nov 2016 08:18
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Yes, I agree. If someone is not in your type of crowd, generally you make fun of them, or point out their differences. But I do agree that our differences make us who we are and it's the best thing that you could wish for, but it makes a great target to put people down for their choices in life that are different than yours. But what's life without death, what's love without hate, and compliments without insults?
 mm2real  01 Oct 2008 23:40
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I do agree, but seriously Emma and Ellis you could have wrote this better, and Emma your typing skills are truly dreadful! :D
 CharliNoir  30 Sep 2008 18:25
 well hello friend lol. ellis typed it for your information and i was personally thinking that myself lol
by  mutani
 03 Oct 2008 16:17
From Disney's version of Pocahontas:

"They're different from us, which means they can't be trusted..."
I don't think someone would say such a dumb thing, but...
 Stranger  30 Sep 2008 15:22
 but what???
by  mutani
 30 Sep 2008 16:35
That's generally true. However, often people who are considered the same still get treated badly too. In reality our species doesn't hesitate to treat anyone bad anytime it is convenient. But they may in fact be a little more bad to those who are different.
 Grenache  30 Sep 2008 15:08
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You and I are different, do I treat you poorly? What about extreme athletic skill? Are those Chinese Olympic gymnasts different? Your dam right they are and it's what makes them so special. Our differences are what make us unique and therefore human. We are all different and we don't treat everyone badly.
I'm not a huge fan of the "emo" people that I know, but that's mostly because the few I know are unfriendly and distant.
 Specter87  01 Oct 2008 05:00
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by  mutani
 24 Oct 2008 14:54
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