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People Want To Be Deceived
"Mundus vult decipi" -- the world wants to be deceived. The truth is too complex and frightening, and the taste for truth is rare, and acquired. For example, many Americans would feel much differently about the world if they had ever suffered a foreign invasion or a world war on their own soil. Instead, many cling to ideals from a world that no longer exists, refusing to have any interest in anything beyond an outdated "received reality".
 grokit  22 Sep 2008 06:37
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Sure, why not? Do you know how people embrace true happiness in this life? By being naive. You know the most stressed people in this world are the ones that critique and dwell on everything that comes at them. The world is so much smaller now and people can read about genocides and killings on the Internet. I like choosing when to be naive because I can truly be happy.
 Damien  08 Oct 2008 18:38
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This is only the fourth time in this debate site, I have been forced to agree with something I am most loathing of to do so.
But here it is.

I agree.
 Scorpion  08 Oct 2008 18:33
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Not if they know they're being deceived; then they just get annoyed. But there are many situations where people would be happier if you didn't tell them the truth.
 ur_wrong  22 Sep 2008 19:44
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To a certain extent what you say is true, people want to be deceived, but to a greater extent, their is always a power wanting to deceive them.
Secrets and lies. Subterfuge. It is impossible to see through all the chaff to absolute truth in any situation where chaff is deployed, but you can guarantee it is deployed for a reason, to hide the truth. To protect the real target.
Our system has deployed so much chaff, what they were trying to protect has got lost amongst it.
 2free  22 Sep 2008 17:38
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People more often than not can't stand the thought that they're not in control.
 ScottyRAWR  22 Sep 2008 10:08
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We have religion for a reason. And it's not because it's true ;)
 Anti_hero  22 Sep 2008 09:34
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I think people just want to believe they have it figured out. And since it will always be too complex to truly figure out they have to be deceived to be happy. By the foreign invasion I assume you are talking about when Canada invaded and burned down Washington DC, and you’re right that one still does upset me. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night knowing the Canadians could be sneaking up on my bedroom windows, hockey sticks in hand, just waiting for me to go to sleep so they can get me.
 finsch  22 Sep 2008 15:25
 We will slash you with hockey sticks, and boil you in maple syrup.
by  verum
 22 Sep 2008 19:39
People do not "want" to be deceived; however, many are comfortable in ignorance. Like has been said, "ignorance is bliss". Many find being without knowledge of certain topics OK. Can I fault them for that? Only if it will have an effect on my ability to succeed. So far, that has not happened.

Now when you write of "the truth is too complex and frightening"; what truth are you referring to? And how does your statement fit in with Americans feeling differently about the world if they were attacked..."on their own soil"? How does an attack on ones homeland equal the ability to taste or acquirer truth?

And these ideals "from a world that no longer exists". What "world" ideology are speaking of? Who exactly is refusing to have any interest in anything beyond an outdated "received reality"? Received reality? What are you persuading we receive from your statement?

Perhaps we, the reader, are indeed being deceived...
 athling  22 Sep 2008 14:30
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The truth is out there. You can start by closing your eyes.
With practice you can at least get control of your own mind.
 keepmindok  22 Sep 2008 07:43
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