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Overweight People Should Pay Their Fair Share On ‘planes'.
The cost of an airline ticket should reflect the total weight of the passenger and luggage together, as this directly affects how much fuel the aircraft uses. Fat people should not expect normal people to subsidise them. If I have excess baggage, I don't organise a whip-round amongst my fellow passengers to cover the extra cost. To add insult to injury, once on the ‘plane, many obese people seem to think it is socially acceptable to invade other passengers' personal space by allowing their blubber to overflow onto their neighbour's seat.
 tophotmale  15 Apr 2008 17:47
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Well if the obviously need an extra seat, then sure. But why don't airlines just built lighter and more sturdy planes and retire old ones my grandparents have flown on.
 gottfried  24 Apr 2009 09:29
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I agree, unless they provide a doctors note saying it is because of a medical disorder
 Carlton  01 Oct 2008 05:30
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I agree, but then I also agree with louis 23, what if their obesity IS due to a medical condition?
 JessicaR  05 Jul 2008 19:05
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I completely agree! Its up to them to loose weight. You don't want to pay extra go on a diet! I sick of hearing people moan(especially my dad whom is overweight) about his belly. But he lacks will power. Its just laziness. It cant be that hard sticking to a diet.
 mh88  04 May 2008 08:12
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I agree. Fat people should have to pay more. Whether it be for more room or cause the plane to use more fuel. It just should be something the airlines put into place. It is unfair to thin people to have to continue paying higher and higher rates for higher cost in fuel and more usage for the fat people.
 curious  17 Apr 2008 02:04
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Depends on what you mean by overweight. If a person is so obscenely obese that they take up more than one seat, then obviously they should be required to pay for the space they take. If it's just someone who is a bit fat, no, they shouldn't have to pay anything additional.
 Cephus  16 Apr 2008 02:32
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Then they should also charge by weight which uses more fuel. So for a very tall slender man who weighs more than a petite very fat women, he should get stuck with the excess bill. Right? Or would he have to prove his tallness was from a disease or normal for him?

If you say no to this, then your comment is a hate comment.

Even if a person's obesity is caused by overeating, their inclination to overeat is genetically programmed. Fat people need to be left alone. They have a right to be who they are and not be harassed by people who think like ethnic cleansers or at least ethnic punishers. Get over it and get a life of your own.
 tinseldove  28 Jan 2009 00:11
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Fine just give us decent seats for our money instead of those ridiculous seats they use now. It would be well worth it to not have to get to close to some stuck up, self righteous goof ball that expects to get on a sardine packed plane and not get their personal space invaded. If you don’t like coming into contact with humanity maybe you should consider paying for first class you elitist mental thin mint.
 finsch  05 Jul 2008 19:24
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I don't agree. What if someone was obese because of a serious medical condition? It would be extremely unfair to expect someone in that position to pay more than someone who is not obese and healthy. People seem to act so negatively towards overweight people, which I can never really understand.
 louise23  19 Apr 2008 22:17
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It's really not practical to make these kinds of distinctions. The cost and bother of managing the apparatus that would have to be set up to administer them would outweigh any marginal economic gains deriving from it.

By the same logic, adults should pay more than children; tall people should pay more than short people; pregnant women should pay more than non-pregnant women; people wearing heavy clothes should pay more than people in swimming costumes. It's just too much bother.
 Hidell  16 Apr 2008 12:45
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That is discrimination. Which is against the law people should not have to pay because of their weight. Dude what about if you were? It is the same if there's annoying little kid and and snotty teenager.
 K-state208  16 Apr 2008 00:32
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I don't think that should be a problem and if it is why don't you find another means of transportation if your so disturbed by people and children. Come on, charge someone more because they might have a disease that causes them to be fat. It's not all about food with people who are overweight. Ever heard of a thyroid problem...
 moonak  15 Apr 2008 21:54
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I don't think so its the same as sitting by a crying baby
 crossout  15 Apr 2008 21:51
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Err...Out of a plane of two or three hundred, I would strongly doubt that more than 50 are overweight to the extent that it causes the plane to use more fuel. Bit of a pointless thing to charge them extra, it really won't make much of a difference performance wise to the plane.

And yes, sitting next to a REALLY overweight person that "flows over" would be annoying, but then it could be a baby that cries, a toddler that screams, a stuck up little teenage girl who tries to use both arm-rests...
 Snipex  15 Apr 2008 21:23
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