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Osama Bin Ladens Death Will Cause Problems For The US. Agree Or Disagree And Tell Me Why.
Reason I am asking this is that so many people at my high school believe its a time for "change" because the man has passed. I believe that problems will stir up due to this event and I would like the opinion of others and not just my fellow peers.
 lilvivi93  11 May 2011 06:18
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I do believe it will cause problems. And my reasoning for this is that I believe anger will has sparks between us and them, and one spark will catch a piece of straw and the straw will burn and the fire will rage across the US
 lilvivi93  11 May 2011 06:27
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Still no problems. How could they hate the U.S. More than they already do?
 illini527  23 Feb 2012 09:52
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