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Obama Is A Breath Of Fresh Air
With all the dividing over the last eight years, Barack Obama shows a better approach to change and unity
 cdee12120  10 Oct 2008 21:54
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Aye! I agree, he seems a bit of a wind bag...;-) I wouldn't say his ideas are fresh though!
 joe9  12 Oct 2008 19:37
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Vote Obama 08
 Monique  11 Oct 2008 13:25
 This isn't a billboard for advertisements.
by  Specter87
 11 Oct 2008 20:40
Whatever your views on his political stances, he is a breath of fresh air. A certain contrast to the George Bush agendas of the past 8 years. As a human being, never mind as a leader. He might not work, but then again he just might.
 2free  11 Oct 2008 01:14
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Barack Obama is truly America's future... A unifier who will catapult innovation in America.. His approach is assertive and direct ...yet methodical, honest and thoughtful... A certain humility he caries with him that is unmistakable... I pray American's can look behind their own fears and narrow views to realize we could once again be a nation of people who inspire the world.
 cdee12120  10 Oct 2008 22:38
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It doesn't matter what you smell after you take your head out of the manure. Either way it's going to smell fresher.
 Specter87  10 Oct 2008 22:29
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Obama doesn't want to bring anyone together; he is a liberal elitist who wants to drive a permenant partisan wedge using the events that happened during his presidency to pretend that all Republicans are evil warmongers. Luckily enough for him, he has plenty of liberal lemmings who are stupid enough believe his B.S.
 dlmiller82  06 Nov 2009 05:50
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I have bit my tongue for the most part and I have waited until I really had something other to say about the man aside from that he lacks experience. I also don't like to get involved in political debates for the most part. I feel the man is making us a sitting duck for a terrorist attack. I also think he has blatently lied and he is no less dishonest than any other politician. I did not agree with his idea to release photos and/or info of the supposed mistreatment of terrorist prisoners. I'm not going to apologize for my lack of sympathy towards someone who has been treated harshly in an effort to gain information that could lead to the capture of more dangerous terrorist leaders or to the prevention of future terrorist attacks. I am a gentle person and I personally couldn't hurt anyone, but I don't think that enhanced interrogation techniques that have been used sucessfully for many years are as barbaric as they are made out to be. These people are terrorists. Doesn't anyone care that they want to blow us up? I don't want to seen them tortured to death, but if we have a way to gain important intelligence information, I don't think we should stop it. Anyway, why Obama felt we needed to see photos of this is beyond me. Then, he changes his mind. He shouldn't have chosen to promise the release of classified information in the first place. Further, the satellite photos that could prevent a tragedy by identifying something like a minor leak in a dam before it became a huge leak and caused a disaster are not considered an invasion of privacy and I understand they are being discontinued. Does anyone really think the government wants pictures of their vaction in Disney? Do you think the governement is keeping a photo album of you and giggling because they found a picture of you picking your nose? I don't like a true invasion of privacy, but we are on camera in almost every store we go in (theft prevention), at all ATM's, in many schools and at our places of employment. Those are only the few places that came immediately to mind. I am more offended that an employer has a need to make sure that I am not slacking off than I am to think that there could be a random picture out there that no one will ever even see or think about. If something can prevent a huge disaster or stop a terrorist attack (or at least identify the terrorist in the event that the attack is not prevented) isn't that worth the small risk that something out in space might happen to get your picture at some point in your life? I know some people feel strongly against this and I can respect those who do, but my opinion is we are already subjected to invasions of privacy on a fairly constant basis so why stop something that could prevent a major catastrophe? I don't hate Obama. I think every president has their strengths and weaknesses, but I don't think Obama is the man to keep us safe and protected from the very real threat of terrorist attacks. I know how people feel about Bush, but he did strive to keep the US safe from terrorist attacks. His dicision to go to war with Iraq might not make a lot of people feel a great deal of respect for him if they find his motives to be questionable, but I felt that he and the vice president were a bit more....um...ok, tough and might have given potential terrorists a bit more to consider before they chose to attack us again.
 my2cents2u  01 Jul 2009 21:13
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Seams very unpatriotic to me. Something fishy about that big tuna.
 keepmindok  16 Oct 2008 19:51
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No, but oxygen out of doors after a lovely rain, surely is.

...and the earth and air are crisp and fresh, and the world is newly-born, and the day is young and full of promise of achievement to come.....
 RagTatter  13 Oct 2008 00:39
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Obama will turn us into a socialist country. Honestly i'm afraid.
 melisiwa  12 Oct 2008 21:19
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 Good prediction....seems you are right.
by  my2cents2u
 01 Jul 2009 21:13
While Mr. Obama is an excellent speaker, he is not a breath of fresh air. Americans who support him wholeheartedly are doing so out of their desire for change; Obama will not bring the change America needs. A simple overview of his activist and political life will reveal much of what America does not need. His ideology is not the ideology of a Republic, which is what made America prosperous and self-sufficient and is what we so desperately need NOW. Neither Obama or McCain will provide true patriotic change. It does seem that my fellow citizens are asleep and unwilling to wake up from their dream of utopia. When they do open their eyes, it will probably be too late to stop the speeding train!
 athling  12 Oct 2008 15:28
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 I agree!
by  goober
 15 Oct 2008 21:16
Obama makes me sick.
 webman1200  11 Oct 2008 16:05
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Nope. He's just another candidate in a long line of candidates that lie and underachieve.
 ur_wrong  10 Oct 2008 23:29
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Maybe terrorist air maybe you shou;ld stop sniffing
 chevyboy  10 Oct 2008 22:40
 maybe "tourist" air?
by  Scorpion
 10 Oct 2008 22:52
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