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Obama Is A Better President Than McCain
Most people on here is trying to make Obama look bad and that's not nice so if McCain was on here you wouldn't try to make him look bad so be honest is Obama a better president yes to me and i don't care if you call me dork are weird this is my true opinion
 Shayla453  08 May 2009 16:26
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McCain would had just started 3rd WW
 Psihopatul  29 May 2009 17:14
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He is and i don't care what any of yall say
 Shayla453  08 May 2009 22:37
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McCain never got elected and Obama has only been in office for a short time, so even putting my opinions about the kind of person Obama is aside it is impossible to compare the two.
 dlmiller82  04 Sep 2009 21:40
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We don't know! McCain lost, so we will never ever know.
 Quincel  08 May 2009 21:36
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No. Because McCain would have probably continued a more liberal position than Bush. But Obama is much more extreme compared to McCain.

I didn't like either candidate. McCain was a suck up to earn democratic votes. And Obama was a suck up, to bring in African American votes.

It was all a marketing strategy.
 gottfried  08 May 2009 20:49
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