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No Known Nation, Culture, Or Religious Organization Has Achieved Power Over I's Neighbors Without Exercising It At Some Point.
People convince themselves that they have power because they deserve it. And if they deserve it then that means their less fortunate neighbors must not deserve it. They may resist for a generation or two but eventually might makes right takes over.
 finsch  05 Oct 2010 13:37
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Power? Are you talking colonies? Or just sheer might? Because I am sure there are powerful nations that don't even know about some of the weaker countries.
 DyingHope  05 Oct 2010 20:25
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 power-economic, military, even social. When groups of people get it they use it eventually on somebody... always.
by  finsch
 06 Oct 2010 04:40
This sounds true. I would say this would be the same for all earthly species, not just humans.
 moreno  05 Oct 2010 14:05
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I would say you are generally right, but for one profound exception. The most powerful man in existence, and I guess you would call Him a religious organization (at least He is the Head of one), is Jesus Christ. However, he achieved "power" by just the opposite. He humbled himself not acting like he wanted or deserved power, had no earthly possessions, no money and no weapons, no political clout; and his supporters were the same. Yet, He is the most powerful being, nation, culture, religion, organization in existence. So, I would conclude that the ultimate most powerful are those with the truth. Ultimately truth wins.
 charlee  05 Oct 2010 14:46
 The problem with this argument is that I specified groups not individuals and that groups of Christians have done many things throughout history which would qualify as exercising power over others.
by  finsch
 05 Oct 2010 15:46
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