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Never Take Your Pants Off While Dating
If you wait, it is best. Otherwise relationship is TOTALLY RUINED for good.
 Scorpion  15 Aug 2008 20:21
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Psh, that's like saying don't test drive the car before you buy it. What if you get in it and way too roomy or uncomfortable; you own it now and you're stuck with it. Note the double meaning ;-)
 Damien  28 Jul 2009 17:04
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It has been shown that couples that have sex before marriage have a much higher incidence of divorce than couples that wait until they are married.
 tinseldove  27 Jan 2009 22:08
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I Agree, and here are my Reasons
1. If you had a sex change operation and your partner doesn't know.
2. If you have erectile dysfunction
3. If you have STD s like Gonorrhea
4. If you are the opposite sex of what your partner thinks
5. I have more but I think I made my point.

If you wait to take off your "Pants" it will definitely make the relationship last longer.
 Calvin  16 Aug 2008 02:37
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This is the exact same debate at you made a few minutes into the future of this.
 Smito  15 Aug 2008 20:40
 *Big Sigh* Smito, Smito, what I am I to do with you?......if you do not enjoy my topic, then why bother? Is it REALLY necessary to make comments like this for you?

Nice to see you too, Smito.
Have a good day,

by  Scorpion
 18 Aug 2008 20:11
What if you usually don't wear pants?
 verum  15 Aug 2008 23:54
 Exactly, these fascists need to be taught a lesson.

What if people live in a nudist colony?
by  Snipex
 16 Aug 2008 00:13
1) What if you have a swimsuit underneath and you're both jumping in a pond? 2) What if you're on fire? 3) What if a scorpion ran up your pant leg? 4) What if you got bit by a snake and you need her to suck the poison out?.... Ha Ha, OK seriously now...

Having sex is actually one of the better hurdles to get over in a relationship. If it's bad then you don't want to be saddled with him the rest of your life. If it's good it may be one of the many links to keep the relationship alive. If he leaves as soon as he got the sex then thank God you didn't marry him first because that would have been a really lame and troubled marriage.

If you're counting on marriage itself to be the handcuffs that make sure he doesn't run away right after sex then your marriage will be as doomed as it is pathetic. He'll still leave you, it will just take a lot longer and leave emotional and financial scars.
 Grenache  15 Aug 2008 21:36
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 ok, Grenache. Points well-made. Thank you.
by  Scorpion
 15 Sep 2008 04:20
No, it won't be.

As I've said, cheer up. I'd hazard a guess that your boyfriend has just left you, but that's no reason to try and make us miserable.
 Snipex  15 Aug 2008 20:44
 Hey snipex How's it? The idea of virtuosity makes you miserable?
by  keepmindok
 15 Aug 2008 22:49
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