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Watch Online Latest Episodes Of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah | Desi Masti Forum
Watch Online all new and latest episodes of your favourite Tv serials Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah on Click here for more TV shows . read more...
Tribute To Chuck Berry RIP.
The father of rock n roll.
Happy New Year America!
I wonder what 2017 has in store for us. read more...
Do Cheap HD Headphones Good For Buying?
Buying good quality headphones is important. Do Cheap HD headphones are good for buying? read more...
U2 Is The Best Rock Band Ever Created
I love all of their songs and they are really creative with their music. Some of it is soulful and sad, but some is cheeky and upbeat. They are also awesome live performers read more...
All Debates in Music & Entertainment
Chandler Was The Best Character In Friends
I think that Chandler was the best character in the long running hit television sitcom Friends, what do you think? read more...
Television Is Rubbish
Most television is repeats, or spin offs, it's unoriginal and rubbish read more...
James Bond Is An Outdated Character That Promotes Promiscuity And Glorifies Violence.
Bond is hardly a role model, past or present, why not axe Bond now and create new and exciting characters? read more...
Elvis Presley Was Greater Than The Beatles
I think that on the whole, Elvis Presley had a greater influence on the minds and souls of people in his time, than The Beatles did theirs. read more...
CGI (or Computer-generated Imagery) In Movies Is Starting To Cause More Harm Than Good
I think that CGI is slowly starting to kill off what is great about movies and should be used as something to compliment "real footage", rather than replacing it altogether. read more...
David Mamet Is A Contemporary Renaissance Man
Director, acting teacher, playwright, essayist, producer, screenwriter, artist, poet, David Mamet is THE contemporary Renaissance Man. read more...
Friends Is The Best Sitcom Ever
I think that the television show Friends is the best sitcom ever because the range of characters, types of comedy, length of series... read more...
Rap Music Should Be Banned From The Radio
Rap music today contains a lot of negative, foul, offensive, and controversial words and phrases. Should this type of music be banned from the radio so that children will not be exposed to it? read more...
The Government Should Not Ban Rap Music
Government should not ban rap music because any music should be a way for free expression, and many young people enjoy rap music. read more...
Blade Runner Is The Best Science Fiction Film Of All Time.
In its overall depth it makes most other science fiction films look like cartoons. read more...
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