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More Cars Should Be Offered As Hybrids.
In an age of increasing gas prices and global warming concerns why isn't there a wider variety of hybrid vehicles on the market? Even conversion kits for standard engines would be of some help.
 Cliffo  22 Jan 2008 09:11
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Yes fully agree more hybrid cars are necessary to safe the environment but its also true people have need of speed and these cars are fail to give proper speed as per as need concern, So something should be in between like petrol or diesel cars should be high tech in term of not releasing co2, must be good fuel economic, and ecofriendly, so lets do some creative for it read this new ford ecosport diesel review.
 dimplesin  25 Jun 2013 08:04
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I think they have to have a hybrid because it help's keep the co2 low in towns when the are Travelling at 30mph and for farmers
 audirs6  15 Mar 2011 07:42
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Yes, I believe that more Cars should be offered as hybrids. It would really help the environment more than we lazy Americans do, more gas and money would be saved for our people, and our choices would mean more to the public than they once did.

Like I had said that we Americans these days are so lazy that is why we are in an environmental crisis. You know if all of those lazy people just had the choice to buy a hybrid then without doing really anything we could nearly solve our environment problem.

Some people will say it is too expensive for them to afford but if the companies that can make the prices the same or little more as the other car that was offered as a hybrid now. This would open up a whole new choice decision for peoples.

The gas you save for a hybrid is phenomenal. Like for instance if you bought a Volvo and a hybrid the Volvo would cost more in about a year or two than the cost for the hybrid with gas too.
 hiphippo  05 Mar 2009 19:41
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Technology has been around for years. The big three have just been dragging it out for more profit and look where they are now...
 Hawkeye001  02 Dec 2008 23:58
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Yes, I support the thing that more cars should be offered as hybrids. It could be very much efficient in terms of saving energy as well as giving the proper boost to the engine of the car. A hybrid motor consists of couple of motors-a gasoline powered motor and an electric motor. When the electric motors are kept being turned off, they use no energy and use much lesser energy in a low speed situation than that of the gasoline motors. But at the high speed situation, the gasoline motors are proved to be better in terms of saving energy. Although this motor is capable of producing more power for a limited motor weight. Therefore, at the rush hour stage, when a car needs to be stopped and go ahead numerously, the electric motor would be a better choice and while speedy journey prefers to the gasoline motors.
 sudipa  28 Feb 2008 22:00
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Cars should normally have a hybrid option- it'd help the environment, promote caring for the Earth, and allow more choices to the customers.
 TyWhyHiTy  30 Jan 2008 23:43
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First off: What is a hybrid car? Basically, it’s a normal, fuel efficient car that has two motors – an electric motor and a gasoline powered motor. The reason for two motors is in the strengths and weaknesses of both types. Specifically, electric motors use no energy during idle – they turn off – and use less than gas motors at low speeds. Gas motors do better at high speeds and can deliver more power for a given motor weight. That means during rush hour stop and go driving, the electric motor works great and, as an added benefit, does not produce any exhaust thus reducing smog levels. Another benefit of having the gas motor is it charges the batteries while it’s running. Many an electric car owner has been stranded just out extension cord range of an outlet. Hybrid owners can forget about this annoyance; the gas motors starts automatically when the battery gets low and proceeds to charge the battery – a hybrid never needs to be plugged into an outlet.
 timmercj  24 Jan 2008 16:58
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Hybrid cars are also known as green cars as they emit environment friendly gases and the fuels used in the car play no role to deplete natural resources of oil or gas. Due to these two major advantages attached to hybrid vehicles they should be the future cars. The hybrid technology will also save car owners from high prices of other fuels.

The only problem with hybrid cars is that they are available in limited varieties and not everyone would want to have the small sized hybrid cars being offered at present. Awareness is another area where hybrid technology lags behind and the need of the hour is to educate car owners about advantages that this technology has to offer.
 Twilight  23 Jan 2008 15:06
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Totally agree with this statement.
 baconbust  22 Jan 2008 18:35
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From the view of the increasing of gas prices, I think we should be offered with more hybrids. But to be truthful, I don't know if hybrids cars really do good to environment or not.
 uberlovely  22 Jan 2008 13:02
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I am FOR more choices in the hybrid arena. I believe that attempts in the past have been stymied by large corporations. I believe it will continue to be slow going, but it IS finally going. So here we go. I would, by the way, like to see a Jeep hybrid.
 fngrbng420  22 Jan 2008 09:19
 I never thought that I could find something to agree with you on ! But I'm sure we'd use ours differently
by  Skypie
 22 Jan 2008 13:07
I really don't know but if I had to say it would be no. I have a friend who is not only a long standing car maniac but a pretty dam smart guy and he says that all hybrids do is divert the pollution from the air into other places like our soil.
 SIKLEMIND3  13 Feb 2008 04:14
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Hybrids in my opinion are worthless. I think the government should make the emissions a little more favorable to diesels, because give the automakers' a little time to create cleaner diesels, and we will soon have cars here that are like ones in Europe. This is good because, for example, a Prius can reel in about 46 miles to a gallon, where a comparative diesel can pull in over 60, while costing less.
 M_Power  13 Feb 2008 03:12
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Hybrids are a step in the right direction. Wouldn’t there be more on the market however if the demand was there?

The reason there aren’t more hybrid dual fuel vehicles around is that A) they are expensive to manufacture, and B) consumer demand isn’t really that strong.

If hydrocarbons are depleting at the rate we are told, surely we should be taking bolder steps to tackle the problem, not just messing about with half-baked compromises?

The only way to get more oil burners off our roads is by concentrating efforts and investment into such clean technologies as hydrogen fuel cells. These are already being used on experimental cars and the only thing that comes out the ‘exhaust’ is water!
 vulgaris  25 Jan 2008 16:41
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 good point :)
by  audirs6
 15 Mar 2011 07:56
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