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Money Is Good
Do you not think the world would be a mess without money?
 tessogkaka  19 May 2009 15:42
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Definitely Good.
 Trollina  25 Aug 2015 16:08
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Money is a tool. That is a good thing to have as many tools as you can to do good with.
 debategal  11 Mar 2010 23:31
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The world is a mess already. However, money tastes good.
 Epicfailgy  19 May 2009 18:10
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 why does money taste good?
by  Hayden
 07 Dec 2009 11:52
Money on it's own is good. It serves a purpose. Chasing money at all cost :) that's an issue. Killing each other for money (and power) is an issue. If money was a simple to to exchange banana to fish it'd be cool. But as many things in life it became something else that it was invented for.
 riznerb  19 May 2009 17:40
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Nope, money is becomeing worthless in the US as we speak
 CrazyLuv  22 Mar 2011 12:50
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