New Debates in Money
Bitcoin Is The Future Of Money.
Bitcoin is a very ambitious project, and I think it has a tonne of potential. Decentralised currency would change the game! read more...
500 And 1000 Rupee Notes Shouldn't Have Been Banned In India
You just can't make an announcement on television that from tonight 86 percent of the total denomination of the country will not be valid. That's insane. read more...
Is Apple's Tax Dodge Via Ireland Fair?
£11 billion is a lot of money! Charles Schumer a senior democrat called the move to claim the amount back was a cheap money grab? The white house said the ruling could cost US taxpayers! read more...
It's Best That The UK Should Exit The EU
The UK should leave the EU because it is inevitable that Greece will falter on their debt and the uk will be asked to help out if it remains in. read more...
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All Debates in Money
Money Can Buy Anything.
Someone Says Money Can't Buy Love, It's Untrue. If You Have Money, You Can Get Professional Love Consultants To Help You To Win A Heart. Also, With Money, You Can Make Yourself Good Looking And In Good... read more...
Credit Cards Are A Bad Idea
Credit card debt increases and increases, with very high interest rates (despite introductory offers), it is the most expensive way to purchase anything on credit. read more...
Only Idiots Get Into Debt.
Everyone nowadays seems to be in debt but there is no good reason they should be. read more...
Millionaires Should Be Required To Donate To Charity
People who have a million dollars or more live a very nice life. Should these people be required by law to donate a certain percentage of their money to a charity of their choice? read more...
There Should Have To Be Money In Everything
I need opinions on this
Money Brings Sadness
Money may buy stuff for us. BUT will we always be happy with it? read more...
Mcdonold's Should Be Out Of Business
I think that Mcdonolds should go out of business because it makes kids over weight and adults to also people with a little bit of money have to go there to buy their everyday meals because its the only... read more...
Cleaners Employed In Prisons
Hi Would be interested to hear your opinions on the following ad in my local Nottingham UK Journal Cleaner (SGB2) 11,892 - 13,000 per annum pro rata HMP Stocken has vacancy up to 35 hours... read more...
If You Get Sucked Into An Interest Rate Or Apr Over 12 Percent, You Are An Idiot.
That's simple.
Pennies Should Be Gone.
These days nobody uses pennies anymore. Do you agree that it should be destroyed. read more...
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