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There Is No Point In Cluttering A Debating Site With All This Hostile Nonsense
Surely it has gone on long enough. Its been going two and a half years now read more...
Mundus Vult Decipi, Ergo Decipiatur
One who leads with the intent to PARTAKE with the group IS NOT deceiving them. One who leads with the intent to TAKE from the group for his/her own benefit IS deceiving them read more...
Reality Is The Only Truth.
What ever we see is truth and there is nothing behind the curtains. read more...
Kalam Cosmological Argument Proves The Fact That Theism Is True And The Belief In Atheist Dogma Is False
KALAM COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: Anything that begins to exist has a cause The universe began to exist Therefore the universe has a cause The scriptures reveal that cause as God. See more details... read more...
The Holy Bible Has Never Been "corrupted" In Any Way, And Man Still Has Full Access To The Original Scripture, Exactly As God First Revealed It.
The Holy Bible has never been “corrupted” in any way -- mankind still has full access to the scripture exactly as God first revealed it. Prove me wrong and win $5,000.00 by watching this short video:... read more...
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Popular Is Not Always Right.
Popularity Is Not Equal To Correctness.
It Is Impossible To Find Fulfillment These Days.
People eat, drink, play, sleep around, buy things, but nothing seems to make them happy, really fulfilled. read more...
Collecting Autographs Is A Meaningless Activity
Collecting autographs is for sad people with no lives of their own. This type of collecting is utterly meaningless. read more...
It Is Pointless To Celebrate New Year / Hogmanay.
It's just another day! What's the point in celebrating? read more...
A Debate Is Simply Answering Someone Question Or Telling Them That They Are Wrong.
I came to this site from Helium because I believed that those who came to For and Against knew how to debate. I was wrong I guess because too few here do far less. Let's truly debate as the dictionary... read more...
The Population Of Sealions Should Be Reduced
These animals have enjoyed government protection for too long. Their populations have exploded and are now affecting fish populations adversely. It is time to reduce sealion numbers by opening a regulated... read more...
I Am FOR Hunting Mountain Lions With Dogs.
Oregon, Washington, and California have enacted laws that forbid the hunting of mountain lions with dogs. Since that time, the population of cougars has risen dramatically, and so have the numbers of... read more...
Resolved: In The United States, Plea Bargaining In Exchange For Testimony Is Unjust
I have a bit of experience in LD (Lincoln-Douglas) debate for competitions, and I wanted to see what the impact of an LD resolution would be here. I've noticed that people either ask a question or give... read more...
Bob The Builder Is A Good Show For Kids Older Than 13
I don't think so because you can flip another channel on to learn stuff read more...
There Are Too Many Hypocritical So Called Holy Rollers
There are tooooo many people out there that think their crap don't stink! Get over the holy roller attitude and step up and be a person God is proud of- one who treats people with dignity and respect,... read more...
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