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Masturbation Is Good For The Sex Drive
Any particular thoughts?
 MaYbCaKe  11 Mar 2011 15:47
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It cant be bad for the human body its natural it is an urge that the average human being cant stop.
 DamonMarr  12 Mar 2014 12:03
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I have a raz every now and then
 handcock  28 Nov 2012 20:40
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Haha sure :D
 khiri  14 Oct 2012 20:41
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LOL was my first thought when I saw this debate. I think that masturbation helps relieve someone of sexual urges and EVERYONE does it. However it can nullify your sexual drive for intercourse.IF you do it too much. E. E
 DayDreamer  09 Oct 2012 19:51
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Masturbation releases stress its very pleasing moment and there are no side effects....there is nothing bad doing it!!;)
 kurkure59  29 Sep 2012 14:42
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It reduces a person's sex drive, which is often a good thing for single people
 Cheetahaha  13 May 2012 18:30
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Yep! Keep it up!
 nemomonopo  25 Oct 2011 12:35
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Funny but true ^_^
 Amerchik  27 Jun 2011 03:51
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I do it all the time
 ca666  18 May 2011 09:24
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 shut up lil virgin mo fo jaja
by  what123
 18 May 2011 09:26
Practice makes perfect.
 gottfried  03 May 2011 20:23
 That would be like saying swinging a bat in the on-deck circle is practice. If you want batting practice, you have to be swinging at a ball.

Practicing masturbation makes masturbation perfect. You need to at least get a rubber doll to practice the real thing.
by  justsumguy
 03 May 2011 20:59
Its alright i guess
 jschm10  04 Apr 2011 20:00
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It's ok.
 hercules  20 Mar 2011 01:26
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It is alright.
 Asha_99  15 Mar 2011 19:19
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Good for me bioch
 laguilar  13 Mar 2011 11:54
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I agree with ballsalsa
 nicgy  13 Mar 2011 00:14
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Yes, of course. We study our bodies when we are masturbating. Also it's a very pleasant action.
 Katrin73  12 Mar 2011 07:57
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I have particular thoughts but I have an image to uphold. DOH.
 justsumguy  11 Mar 2011 17:26
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Only when you have to ask permission to do it >8^J
 Ballsalsa  11 Mar 2011 17:04
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 (smirk, snort)
by  damselfly
 18 May 2011 10:00
For single people, yes.
 Aetherium  11 Mar 2011 17:01
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Can't be bad for it.
 verum  11 Mar 2011 16:27
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Masturbating makes a person feel good at that time but it slowly destroys your inner self.Many people are facing low self confidence and struggles to find a way even for a small issues and most of all,if you are doing more often,you will have "perfomance" issues.
 Tamizh  29 Mar 2017 11:02
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Has no effect on mine.
 Cunt_King  02 Sep 2015 22:00
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Its really painful... Is this normal?
 turneyboi  18 Mar 2014 11:28
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Masturbation is sin and should not be permissible in a God-Fearing society. Onan was actually slain by God for 'spilling his seed' - so I don't think cutting off the hands of those who practice it is too harsh a deterrent.
 jcislord  07 Feb 2013 03:52
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Masturbation is perverse and evil
 BiblicanB  04 Oct 2012 17:24
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What is good for the sex drive is eating half an avocado every day for ten or more days
 damselfly  18 May 2011 10:01
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I wish you were more specific about what "good for the sex drive" was supposed to mean. I'm not at all against masturbation. However, since it releases your sexual urges I don't see how that equates to "good for the sex drive", it's actually dulling your sex drive. And in fact there are some timid or repressed people who depend so exclusively on masturbation they can go years without actual intercourse with someone else. That would be bad for their sex drive, wouldn't it?
 GrandCru  12 Mar 2011 05:33
 Much better then going for years without any release at all wouldn't you think?
by  the_atom
 12 Mar 2011 12:21
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