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Making Dogs Have Dog Clothing Is Wrong.
I do not think any dogs like wear clothes, but lots of people force their dogs wear something, which they might think its cute or can warm them. I think its wrong, dogs are not human, wearing clothes will destroy their nature.
 hitomi  04 Dec 2007 14:25
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Dogs should not wear clothes unless they need to

please vote on my poll its called should dogs wear clothes
 smonk  11 Dec 2012 19:58
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Agreed, dogs feel uncomfortable in most dog clothing and it's unnatural.
 jdawg92  10 Jul 2012 08:45
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I suport animal rights, and I agree that dogs usually dislike wearing clothes, and at all costs, when possible don't put clothes onto them. However, some breeds of dog can't survive during the winter outdoors for long periods of time without clothes. Chiwawa dogs for example find it difficult to keep their body temperature high enough during sub-zero temperatures, and if they stay outdoors for long enough at those temperatures, they experience hypothermia. So I conclude that you should only do it if the dog can't survive without clothes, and if you do give a dog clothes, make sure they're comfortable and they fit well.
 jleer  07 Apr 2012 23:17
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Yes, the SPCA consider it animal abuse if an animal wears clothes for a long time
 rybud10  17 Jan 2012 21:25
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People say that it is there right to dress them up to keep warm, having a rain coat on them to keep there fur from getting wet, i think is o.k, but dressing them up with design clothes that humans wear, is so so so very wrong. Think about the dogs or cats do they want to wear them, do they sit up and ask you "Can I wear my little adorable clothes", No, they don't.

Do humans have the right to keep them against there own will, no. Does humans have the right to treat them like a human, no. Dressing them up like a doll is really not right. Dogs are not a toy, they are not a toy for you to play dress up your dolly.
 Melissa23  28 Jul 2011 10:43
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Dressing your pet or doing human stuff to it is stupid. The dogs, unless used to it, probably don't like having to put on clothes. It might also cost money that is useful in other ways to your dog, like maybe a better dog food brand or better toys.
 qazwsxedc  14 Mar 2011 18:45
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When a dog wears a shirt or whatever and it goes and plays around with another dog, that dog wont be able to let the other dog know how it feels by its fur. Like when a dog is scared his hair stands up. So the dog could feel offended and the other dog wouldnt know and it could cause a really bad dog fight. A dog wants a tennis ball or a toy not make up, clothes, and shoes.
 abbi  15 Feb 2011 18:38
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 You should take off the clothing anytime your animal goes outside anyways.Not only because of the reason above but it can get caught on things.But inside, why not?
by  shaneeki36
 05 Mar 2011 23:43
People had to stop dressind their pets. Poor dogs !!!!!!!! Nobody asks them if they want to wearing some shoes, dress ou trousers ... It's bad !!
 Nany  23 Mar 2010 13:20
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It restricts there ability to move
 trig  11 Jan 2010 17:50
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I agree 100% because they arent suposed to. Its just ignorant owners torturing thier pets.
 coolioz15  19 Nov 2009 18:30
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Of Course it is wrong, People that say "Ohh it keeps them warm", BOLLOCKS. They have hair for that purpose, Why do you think in summer they lose their hair. It is un-natural, When a dog takes a piss or a shit are they going to undo their jeans? Lol?
 BenXx  12 Apr 2009 22:05
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Yes It is wrong
 chevyboy  17 Dec 2008 00:36
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Yup i agree 100 percent. If you don't like the way your animal looks when you get ti you shouldn't of brought it
 mutani  03 Oct 2008 19:15
 Yeah but what if they get really cold? My dogs have little coats to wear at night in winter when it's really cold, but I don't just put them on them cause I think they look ugly lol.
by  CharliNoir
 03 Oct 2008 19:19
Yes they do not like it at all they bark and fight to get it so that should tell you something
 Amber2015  30 Jul 2008 03:25
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 Some do not mind it at all. I don't think that anyone can make a statement that applies to all dogs any more than one can make a blanket statement that applies to all people. If one dresses their puppy and continues into adulthood, chances are good the dog will accept it. Dogs don't like having their nails trimmed, but it is necessary. Also, none of the dogs that came into the vet liked having their anal glands expressed, but if they aren't taken care of, they can become an issue and cause more pain, discomfort and take time to heal. For that matter, babies don't typically like to get their clothes on. Should we take them out naked and expose them to the elements? Some breeds, or animals with illness and of advanced age or puppies need to be kept warm and clothing affords the owners a way to do that without dragging a blanket with them everywhere.
by  my2cents2u
 21 Nov 2008 01:18
The only time when we should put dogs in clothes is when it is sub-zero and it's a small, short-haired or hairless dog. All other times, dogs should not be put in clothes because i think it looks pitiful
 pandc35  06 Jun 2008 23:53
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The poor dogs look so ridiculous. I cannot believe people dress their dogs in those stupid sweaters and have their nails polished and things of that nature. It is a dog, a pet, an animal!
 curious  29 May 2008 18:06
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 I have seen so many debates on here as to the treatment of animals and how many people truly abuse them. Is someone dressing up their dog, painting their nails or putting a bow in their hair such a terrible thing? At least it demonstrates that the owner took some time and paid attention to their pet. Again, there are breeds that need to be kept warm. There is also a good reason for the boots they make for dogs. If you simply don't like the looks of a dog in clothing, don't dress your dog. I don't dress mine now that she isn't a puppy and doesn't need the extra warmth, but I don't down people who do because I am happy to see someone who isn't neglecting their animal for a change. I have fostered and rescued so many unwanted dogs and placed them in good homes with the right owners that I know and there are still plenty out there that I simply do not have the resources to take in. I would prefer an owner who goes a bit overboard, to one who's indifference means that the dog doesn't get any attention. Dogs are social animals and need attention to thrive. Yes, they are pets and animals. There are people who can have no children and they view their pets as the child they cannot have. I feel it isn't a replacement that could ever fulfill me, but if someone wants to do what they consider to be pampering their pet and the pet isn't harmed in the process, I don't have an issue with it. I am someone that speaks my mind for animals all the time and I am trying currently to work on laws that ban people from chaining their dogs outside all of the time to be left, forgotten and alone. I care for dogs and all pets. I simply don't think this is a huge enough issue to cause people to get so uptight. Lets not get our panties in a bunch and try to do something about real animal abuse and neglect.
by  my2cents2u
 21 Nov 2008 01:28
Its terrible!!!! It should be illegal
 celva_olva  09 Apr 2008 23:56
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I sure think so.
Yeah some dogs look "cute"
But you don't know how that dog feels. Because he does have feelings. But dogs weren't made to wear clothes. And some people just go way too far.
 Potterpal7  08 Apr 2008 00:44
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I totally agree with you. Making a dog wear clothes is dumb. I mean they don't need more warmth! That's what their fur is for. It's just plain out dumb if you ask me.
 isabella33  04 Apr 2008 04:48
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It’s all these stupid celebrities to blame for the current craze of dressing up dogs. It’s just so brainless to get up a dog in a Gucci outfit and carry it around in a bag like an accessory. Certainly, it’s no life for their pandered pooches.

Once upon a time, the only dogs you ever saw wearing anything more than a daft expression were greyhounds and small terriers. Of course, there was good reason for these breeds to wear jackets.

The greyhound is a racer and needs to be kept warm to avoid injuries. Also, they have short coats and do tend to feel the cold in bad weather. Ditto for tartan jacket wearing Yorkies and terriers, except the bit about racing them.
 vulgaris  29 Jan 2008 15:38
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I totally agree. I think that forcing a dog to put on an anointing 'costume' for human amusement is unfair. Most dogs react to clothing in a negative way. If your dog is an exception then fine let um' wear it but training your dog NOT to pull off or pick at clothing is just plain wrong. If they don't like it why should we force them to wear it?
 pebbels  25 Jan 2008 03:01
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Dogs, cats or any other pet for that matter is in no need of your assistance when it comes to dressing them up. If you are keeping an animal as a pet and toilet training them probably that is something necessary and wise to do but people who put clothes on their dogs are nothing but absurd.

It is just like inflicting ridicule upon the poor animal simply because it can not speak for itself. Your pets are in your care and abusing their respect and trust by clothing them is inhuman.
 Twilight  20 Jan 2008 19:06
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I think it's wrong to dress dogs up. It's a silly human fad and not at all fair on the animals.
Having said that if a dog is old and feels the cold a well fitting coat is probably OK if it's for the benefit of the dog not the owner.
Some of the dog clothes on sale now are awful and ridiculous. The poor animals are subjected to hats, gloves, coats and all sorts. I say leave them alone and if you want to dress something up buy a cuddly toy or a doll but don't do it to the dog.
Animals can get very distressed if they're confined by clothes. They were never meant to be clothed. It's not cute and not funny , it's cruel.
Dogs are at our mercy for their care and it's unfair to abuse their trust by dressing them up. The only way they can protest is to become agitated or aggressive and we shouldn't do that to them.
 Researcher  17 Jan 2008 17:26
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I think Dog clothing is a little sick and ridiculous. Animals were given fur or whatever for the specific reason of keeping them warm or call when required. People who dress up their pets are making them into pseudo-children which is frankly scary in the least! Treating an animal like a member of the family is all very cute but not good psychologically I think, after all, the dog is its masters child and pretending it is, is ignoring a clear sign that the human is lacking or longing for a child of their own.

It is not cute for the animal and if the animal is cold, then you should take the animal somewhere warm. It is almost fetishising animals and clothing, making them little people and treating them like people, I imagine that they have strange friendships with real people, because they cannot control all aspects like they can with their animal.

Personally, I think they need to get a life.
 Spartan76  31 Dec 2007 23:23
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I agree with you. We don’t need to put clothes on dogs. The skin of the dogs can bear extreme cold and heat. They are not humans so they don’t feel like we do. They look great in their natural appearance and clumsy in clothes. You can only put clothes on a dog if the dog is sick or there is too much cold which is unbearable.
 cancer11  08 Dec 2007 10:46
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 Who cares if it looks clumsy, as long as the dog doesn't suffer from hypothermia or frostbite.
by  Gnarly88
 25 Oct 2012 02:48
Why are clothes any more "wrong" than collars? It's all the same thing, and I highly doubt dogs care.
 Splash04  08 Mar 2013 08:25
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It depends on the dog. I train service dogs, which usually wear vests while out in public to identify them as service dogs. My trainees get excited I put their vests on them because they associate it with going out in public, which they love. My personal dog has two sweaters that I put on her when it's cold, and she gets really happy whenever I get one of them out because she gets lots of attention when she wears them. As long as the dog doesn't mind (and it's really easy to tell whether or not they mind it), I see no problem with dressing up your dog, even if it's purely for fun. Some dogs hate wearing clothes, and making a dog wear clothes against its will is mean, but many dogs don't mind or even enjoy wearing clothes, so it depends on the individual dog.
 DoodleDog  30 Oct 2012 15:00
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I don't think anything is wrong with it. I wouldn't do it for cosmetic reasons. For colder weather, proper dress is called for.
Dogs are bred by humans to have certain characteristics concerning fur and weather tolerance. If the weather does not suit the dog owners have a responsibility to do something about it. Dogs, just like people, can go into hypothermia and have frostbite. Just because they have fur or just because their paws have some padding or fur does not mean they are set for winter or snow.
 Gnarly88  25 Oct 2012 02:47
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I think it's fine to dress up your cat or dog. They look adorable in little sweatshirts that say funny things... My dog sleeps in her kennel in winter, and we always put on her jumper- she takes it off, obviously she gets hot with her blankets and everything. As long as your pet has access to cool water and doesn't wear a fleece jumper on a summers day, it's harmless and just cute fun!
 dogluva16  17 Jan 2012 19:50
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It's wrong making cats wear clothes too. Meep went missing all day once, which isn't like her because she's never ventured all far. About 6 p.m. She came flying in through the cat-flap like the devil was after her, dressed in doll's clothes, and well p!ssed off about it. The knitted bonnet and buttoned cardigan really weren't her colour at all
 damselfly  13 Jun 2011 11:27
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It is your right, but it is so so wrong.
 finsch  13 Jun 2011 10:39
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People should be able to dress their dogs up if they want to or not as long as the dog is properly trained and not spoilt then it is ok. Also for dogs are needed to keep them warm as you cant let a small chiuaua go out in the snow now can you?
It aint right to do that as the poor dog is suffering. They have feelings you konw!
 Chaaaz  13 Jun 2011 10:21
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I think the ppl on the for side need betr arguements
 cs0807  25 Aug 2010 07:01
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up your animals. If the clothing is not tight or visibly uncomfortable to the animal then why can't humans put a dress on their cat or let's say a snuggie on their dog? If the human can visibly tell that the animal is uncomfortable then yes it is wrong. But if your animal is comfortable then they will most likely not mind. The main question is though, how far to go? There are definitely limits of how far to go. If you do go to far, then it is almost cruel to the animal. But as far as once in a while dressing them up for amusement in clothing that is comfortable, I'm all for it.
 shaneeki36  21 Feb 2010 07:10
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MG this i no reason to debate!!!!! Studies have shown tat even tho the clothing might make the dog sweat, but it actually keeps them kool! Plus, itz fashionable!
 dogsrock  01 Jan 2009 23:30
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I have a malamute and she has no problem staying warm but i have her wear dog mittens in the winter to protect her paws from the salt and wear sunglasses in the car when she sticks her head out the window to protect her eyes from the wind. I think if the dog needs a sweater to stay warm because its fur is shorter or its not accustomed to the cold its OK, but dressing them up all the time for fun or fashion is pointless and degrading for the dog.
 mordsith  17 Dec 2008 00:26
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If it is cold out and the dog is not able to regulate body temperature due to age, breed or illness, there is a good reason for a sweater or doggie coat. The boots they sell protect the delicate pads dogs have from the salt we put on side walks and roads when it is icy or when it snows. Also, with all of the truly abusive things I have witnessed people doing to their pets, I have to say that someone that loves their dog and finds it cute to put a shirt on the dog, isn't doing harm. I don't think it should be done if the animal is fearful or obviously upset by it, but I have not seen this to be the case in the year I spent working at a vet. I do agree that dogs look beautiful naturally, but it is a matter of preference here. Some people find it cute. Others find is stupid. I did put sweaters on my dog when she was a puppy because she was unable to keep her body temperature regulated without one when she was out for a walk to learn to use the potty outside. A breed that I know needs to be covered in the cold months is a greyhound. They have very lean muscle mass and almost no fat. They do not have adequate insulation from the elements. The biggest point here though is that people hit, kick, tie their dog out to spend their entire life as an outdoor dog, train them to fight, starve them, deny them adequate vet care, do not vaccinate and then, do not want to treat the illness that results....the list goes on and on. If someone wants to raise concern for dogs that have the misfortune of an owner who is irresponsible, abusive or neglectful, clothing isn't the argument that will demonstrate that. Too many big issues out there concerning dogs and their owners.
 my2cents2u  21 Nov 2008 01:14
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My dog has a whole bunch of cloths, does that mean I'm a bad owner? And dog cloths protects them from bad weather. Also, they look so cute!
 sassifrass  16 Nov 2008 22:15
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Dido and they look cute not to be a brat my 3 dogs love their clothes so HA
 camcam09  07 Oct 2008 01:40
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Some dogs need clothes to keep there body temperature up in colder climates. I have a havense puppy and he needs boots and a sweater for the winter time because his fur is too thin. And who cares if people dress there dogs up, does it really matter.
 fingers15  14 Sep 2008 14:14
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Do you think we would toughen up if we didn't ware our cloths?
Some of the dogs that ware garments need them as they are so far removed from the rugged wolves their fore bearers were.
 keepmindok  31 Aug 2008 11:54
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Are you seriously suggesting that a naked dog is not living in sin. God gave us ALL nakedness so we could cover it up. Why should the dogs be allowed ti get away with it.
 shebasha  10 Apr 2008 22:00
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 that's really freaky. Dogs have fur. Animals have fur. Just because dogs don't follow your freakish beliefs doesn't mean they should wear clothes too.
by  mastermov
 29 May 2008 00:33
I don’t get any harm if I put a sweater on my dog’s body on a very cold day. I can not stay indifferent if I see my dog shivering in high cold. I don’t find any good in making my dog dressed in a trendy wear and taken to the party. But when my puppy needs the woolen fur to save itself from the trembling cold how I can resist myself. Making a comment is very easy but if when the time comes for implementation no one can be found. What is the real harm in saving life and giving the assurance to a poor creature to feel comfortable by just clothing it with woolen fur or something like that. If we watch the sledge dogs, they need the boots to protect themselves from the snow. Is there any harm you can find?
 sudipa  18 Feb 2008 00:34
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No, my Dogs are puppy Boston Terriers.. They virtually have 1/8 inch of fur. Once they grow we will take them outside without it.
 -125_  14 Feb 2008 01:41
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 Me too.
by  XieXie
 29 May 2008 02:05
No! My dog loves his jacket in the winter... He carries it to me when it's time for his walk, he hates the cold! That's just ridiculous! I understand maybe being against designer clothes but if I want to put a sweater or jacket on my dog because it's too cold, and you have a problem with it... TOO BAD HE'S WEARING IT ANYWAYS HAHA!
 baconbust  21 Jan 2008 21:55
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Cute silly clothing for appearance sake is ridiculous and the perp should be prosecuted for cruelty. But thin coated breeds do need warm coats in very cold weather. Sledge dogs need boots to protect their pads on when working on snow and ice for prolonged periods.
 O-Wiseone  07 Jan 2008 09:15
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And what about winter?? They are cold!
Let's put clothes to every animal in every cold country!
 theseeker  04 Dec 2007 22:22
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