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Jehovah's Witness Should Be Able To Have A Blood Transplant, Sex, And Alcohol.
They should. They should be able to have all those things. Especially if they want it.
 zanith11  30 Jul 2008 23:21
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You find me one Jehovah's Witness over 18 that has not had sex
 freakyboy  16 Sep 2008 21:35
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I believe for the adults,[yes],but for the children let doctors make the best decision for the child, that's on health i disagree with sex/alcohol....
 grizzy  31 Jul 2008 00:53
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If one wants thongs, one should be allowed thongs.
 Snipex  30 Jul 2008 23:48
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If they want it, yes.
What would religion be able to do to prevent these choices?
 Scorpion  30 Jul 2008 23:30
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 hey i seen you before on here. you vote on alot of things
by  zanith11
 30 Jul 2008 23:35
They're allowed all of these things. If they choose to strictly adhere to these types of religious practices then it's on them. They have free will and there's no laws against any of it...
 mysteryem  11 May 2010 14:18
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Yes they can they just need a different religion. Anyhow they have sex so I don't quite get the points you make.
 keepmindok  29 Sep 2008 03:14
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I am not a Jehovah's Witness but I feel as though heir decision not to partake in those activities are based upon Biblical principles. As with all religions, you are expected to abide by the word of God!
 jess4me  17 Sep 2008 23:42
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I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses. This topic doesn't make any sense. I wouldn't accept a blood transfusion so that's why I vote against it, but anyone can do what they want. It's free will and a conscience matter. And it's not a "church" issue, it's a Bible issue. Jehovah's Witnesses do not have a "church".
And sex is not prohibited, as long as it is within the marriage arrangement, and many people who are not Jehovah's Witnesses feel the same way.
And many Jehovah's Witnesses drink alcohol, just not to the point of getting drunk. Those who don't do it because of their own conscience, not because of what the Bible says.
 ashlee8806  07 Aug 2008 01:46
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 I dated a Bishop of the jehovah's witnesses at one point back in the 1990's......that guy?
sex was all he could think or talk about......LOL about the sex part.
(funny how ppl like to pretend their religion isn't horny as anyone else)
by  Scorpion
 16 Sep 2008 21:38
Its there own stupidity stopping them from getting it though. If i want something and i have the means to get it religion cannot stop me. The witness's have gotten it into their heads that they can't, meaning its impossible, to go against the church. If they aren't willing to get them they shouldn't get them.
 Smito  31 Jul 2008 00:29
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