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It's Scary That Someone As Educated As Ben Carson Would Have Such A Terrible Grasp Of Science.
Or do you think he's faking it to pander to his dumbed down electorate?
 Ballsalsa  04 Oct 2015 21:30
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I do believe he is faking it.
 artemis  05 Oct 2015 19:38
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 Me too
by  damselfly
 06 Oct 2015 06:56
Like Gren said, he's probably a brilliant surgeon, but an idiot elsewhere. I think we all have those shortcomings.
 Damien  05 Oct 2015 11:48
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It's not a big surprise to me. I've met many people highly educated in their chosen field who were otherwise woefully ignorant of many things outside of their field. There's a sort of blinders that go on when you're immersed in study and work in a limited parameter. And the fact that their hard work in their field has led to them living comfortably makes them insensitive to others who don't have what they have. They just assume they're not working as hard. In a way it's a kind of pat on their own back that they must have done the right thing by becoming so entrenched.

My own brother, who is a family doctor, once got in an argument with me about the moon because I commented on how it had changed lately and he thought I was ridiculous - because he just assumed it always appeared the same way in the same place in the sky every night, Yes, he went to college more years than I did, yes he got a higher education than me, no, he never before that moment absorbed even the slightest about space or astronomy because he didn't need it. But his success as a doctor makes him automatically assume he knows more about everyone else on every subject. Because hey, he's the one who is a doctor.
 Grenache  05 Oct 2015 11:24
 I didnt know you came from a Jewish family. Lol
by  damselfly
 05 Oct 2015 14:48
He's not faking his view of science. He is as ignorant as his electorate. Being highly skilled and ignorant is not uncommon.
 justsumguy  04 Oct 2015 23:51
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 I wish you hadn't said that. Because I believe it straight away
by  damselfly
 05 Oct 2015 10:36
I think you have a low threshhold for things that are scary.

I read the piece in the New Yorker and he was speaking to a group of Seventh Day Adventists, I believe.....so he probably was playing to the audience, a bit. Not sure from the transcribed article what Carson's actual scientific views are on subjects such as the Grand Scheme of Evolution, Astrophysics, Cosmology, etc.
To get thru Medical School, however, and allowed to be in the "Dr. Club" one must bow and confess true allegiance to Scientism. Any mention of God or religious belief in any US Medical School I am aware of, will just about get you fired. Also, to get into and thru Medical School, one must have strong inductive and deductive skills, strong understanding of the Scientic Method, problem solving skills, strength in the Physical and biological Sciences such as biochem, organic chem, genetics, physics, higher mathematics, physiology, pharmacy, anatomy, cellular function and on and on.....let alone years of clinical training and experience. So, unless he is the product of some misguided affirmative action plan, he is quite knowledgeable in science, and probably adequately able to discern what is good science and what is crappy science.

What is most telling with this sort of BS regarding his intelligence is the fact that: "Liberals HATE a black conservative."

Now this statement has the best scientific data to back it up!
 charlee  07 Oct 2015 11:01
 It IS quite scary. People prefer to be able to trust doctors. Discovering that one is this bonkers but still working is actually most alarming - coz he could be just the tip of the iceberg
by  damselfly
 07 Oct 2015 12:27
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