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It Is Interesting That The Press Described Obama's 'First Pitch' On Opening Day As Being Done To 'Thunderous Applause', When Everyone One Else Heard Thunderous Boos.
Not that they are in bed with him or anything....The guy also throws worse than a girl
 Bugman  06 Apr 2010 23:36
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Debaters, go to youtube here and be the judge for yourself. Bugman like usual doesn't point out the full context like usual.


When you hear the boos is when he pulls out a Chicago White sox cap and puts it on his head at the Washington Nationals game.

My post is a complete unbiased you judge for yourself post instead of hearsay from bugman.

At about 1 minute in the video, the crowd goes pretty wild.
 moreno  07 Apr 2010 01:38
 They could see it was a White Sox hat from way up in those stands huh? Stop kidding yourself. That is a 'melting pot' city with little baseball tradition and would not be expected to show that kind of derision over another team's hat. If they were, why would they later go 'wild', as you state? Yes, they went 'wild', but you did not state in what manner. The boos got LOUDER after witnessing his throw.

Yes people, judge for yourselves.
by  Bugman
 07 Apr 2010 07:48
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