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The U.S. Is A Socialist Country Now
Hard to believe Bush and the Feds have bailed out the nation's entire private housing mortgage industry, as a direct result of the policies of the last 28 years. Now that we're nationalizing our industries, transferring trillions of dollars in debt to the U.S. Taxpayers, shouldn't the government also take something profitable, like Exxon, to balance out the liabilities? Or should only failed companies be "nationalized"? Isn't it more honest the way Chavez did it?
 grokit  21 Sep 2008 05:28
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By the back door.
 keepmindok  21 Sep 2008 22:38
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Hah, that's funny, and I might have argued with you a few weeks ago, but now that the taxpayers are basically paying to save the very scoundrels who lied and told us the economy was rebounding and we should keep handing them our money to invest - then yeah we've gone to the one big pool of money to take care of everyone scenario. Probably the only real difference is other "socialist" countries nationalize services for the sake of the little guy whereas our country right now is doing it to save the wealthy elite. What a crock.
 Grenache  21 Sep 2008 15:19
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 They nationalize there services to gain control of the people. Wake up before it is to late.
by  pusspuss
 22 Sep 2008 00:48
Yeah Socialism!

I wonder will the government "rescue" me if my new business fails...

They have sold us down the river for votes Grokit.
 Bugman  21 Sep 2008 14:20
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We are headed toward socialism. Let the Democrats gain complete control, and we will arrive there a lot faster. There will be no hope left. You will lose all of your liberties.
 pusspuss  22 Sep 2008 00:46
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 Got to laugh. The nationalising of the banking industry by the most right wing capitalist entity in the western world makes Karl Marx a genius. He predicted, did he not, that when capitalism fails, the government needs to bail it out. And someone still blames the Democrats?
by  2free
 22 Sep 2008 00:53
I think we're heading down the direction of being fascist not socialistic.
 glddraco  21 Sep 2008 23:01
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 I have made the point before that communism is socialism on a national scale, while facisim is socialism on an international scale.
by  grokit
 22 Sep 2008 05:48
Not just yet...

I will agree that we are on the slippery slope to Socialism. However, at least for now, we are still permitted several choices in life:
Do I pay to see my local doctor or a specialist in another office? (At least until Obama is elected...)
Do I buy Spam or buy from the local butcher up the street? (At least until the Oprah fans shut down meat sales...)
Do I stay in my dead-end job or do I take a chance on a career change? (Unless the decision is made for me as a Lehmann Bros. Employee...)
 achmed  21 Sep 2008 22:17
 How is socialism and liberal thinking seen as a crime in the US? For me, it just shows the job the government over there has done on the rich and the poor, spreading an ideal. The only threat socialism offers the establishment is that someone from out of the blue can offer them a threat to their way of thinking, their class system of what is right and what is wrong. Surely socialism channelled by a right minded authority offers society a better chance of evoloving?
by  2free
 22 Sep 2008 01:01
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