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If People Would Stop Having Unprotected Sex, Most Standards Would Die Off.
If you think about it standards that spread like crazy would eventually die off if people would use their brains and use protection. Another problem I've seen in my friends. They contracted an std by sleeping around with many people and that is not a smart thing to do. You can ask your partner to get tested and if they refuse....that should tell you something about that person. You never know who might have an std. Most standards can cause infertility and are incurable. Can cause cancer and even death. Y put yourself/someone else at risk?
 cassie9851  22 Apr 2008 01:18
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STD doesn't stand for standard.


But I agree.
 Snipex  23 Jul 2008 21:05
 Maybe that is like the Evening Standard.
by  keepmindok
 20 Sep 2008 08:21
What in the world why did std's turn into standards?
 cassie9851  23 Apr 2008 00:03
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 Yeah, that's what I'm wondering.
by  Mark
 01 May 2008 02:30
That is so true! Having multi partners creates more stds
 celva_olva  22 Apr 2008 01:32
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Most sexually transmitted diseases are curable (gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia), and now you can get a vaccination to prevent HPV. I'm not saying you shouldn't be picky about who you sleep with or not use a condom, but the degree of distress you express seems a little escalated. I bet you also have a fear of getting diseases from toilet seats.
 Lynn  01 Dec 2008 03:09
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The only way to stay clean with absolute no risk is not to have sex. And if no one had sex then we would die out as a raise. Condoms split , and STD's can be transmitted though blood sputem and tiers. And STI's can be passed on by skin on skin contact... Ie. HPV
 muin13  23 Jul 2008 21:15
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For proper protection ware the full body condom.
 keepmindok  18 Jul 2008 13:22
 "my seran wrap or your's": is to be the new catch-phrase, eh ?
by  Scorpion
 19 Sep 2008 22:08
Do not have sex with anyone without first receiving a doctor's sexual disease full-spectrum test report for a clean bill of health, and the person's entire sexual partner history.

And do it with only one person.

People who want to do it with multiple persons are repulsive creatures anyway.
That sort - it is a miracle they can get ANY action anyway!
YUCK @ promiscuity.

 Scorpion  15 Jul 2008 01:56
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Yes and no. If they always use protection then no children would be born and no stds would be passed down to children. But if there would no children born the human race would die out.
 Smito  25 Jun 2008 17:20
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