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If Your Gonna End A Friendship, You Should Have The Courtesy And Respect To End It Face To Face
In the past months, I have had several friends effectively end their friendship with me, and it has hurt me a great deal, both socially and mentally. If you plan to end a friendship with someone, you should have the courtesy and respect to say so to the person's face.
 Prometheus  10 Apr 2011 21:24
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I agree that if people have an issue with you then they should say it to your face. Particular cases I have seen recently, involved someone ending a friendship on Facebook which is extremely cowardly to me.
 Emilie  10 Apr 2013 09:32
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I agree rather than talking by phone it is better to do it face to face but it is also the same if a partner is leaving you to say it face to face rather than letter, phone or by friends telling you.
 Melissa23  07 Jul 2011 15:34
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It's more rewarding to slip the knife in face to face and watch their horror.

OK, joking. But I'd agree if you were very close friends and ending it over a disagreement or event you should deal with it face to face. It would be different if simply one moved away and the two grew apart, or if it was a very casual friend.

By the way, why are your friends leaving you Prometheus?
 GrandCru  11 Apr 2011 01:48
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 I know only one friend and why our friendship blew up.

As for the others, there inlays a mystery. They cowardly and coldly just stopped all communication with me for no reason I can think of.
by  Prometheus
 12 Apr 2011 19:52
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