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If A British Citizen Marries An American Citizen The Brit Automatically Becomes A U.S.A. Citizen
If an American citizen marries a British citizen they do not automatically get U.K. Citizenship from that union. This is not right. Both marriage partners should get dual-citizenship.
 TheMoon  20 Oct 2008 18:06
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Dual citizenship would be wonderful.
 Specter87  21 Oct 2008 02:19
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It is true.
Other countries can come here too America, marry a natural-born USA citizen, and with that marriage record, get a dual-citizenship. But, most other countries do no do the same.
 ItsLogical  20 Oct 2008 23:52
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I honestly don't know what the rules are between Britain and the US but I have heard, due to co-workers from several countries, that each country has a different set of rules for which origins can be joint citizenship and which cannot.
 Grenache  20 Oct 2008 21:01
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Countries can set their citizenship laws however they want. Its not Americas place to tell anyone else to adopt our ways.
 ur_wrong  21 Oct 2008 16:34
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