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I Believe The Most Likely Way The Earth Will End Is A Asteroid Hitting The Moon.
If this happens, and it very well could, it would upset the waves and tidal waves would cover populated cities. Volcanoes would then erupt more frequently then normal and that would cause the sunlight to be blocked out.
 Maggie1  19 May 2008 23:33
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Wow ain't true
 Shayla453  22 Feb 2009 00:37
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 It's a hypothetical.
by  SlyOne
 22 Feb 2009 00:37
No I think the earth is a bit like terminator. I'll be back.
 keepmindok  29 Aug 2008 01:07
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No volcanos alone cant block out the sun i believe that solar flares or the planets colliding together into jupiter and practicaly hydrogen bombing the solar system setting all the planets that didnt collide to go completely out of whackk and crash into the sun either that or the extra hydrogen levels will cause the sun to either supernova or launch off a big solar flare that crashes into the earth and bakes every thing alive and basically restarting the evolutionary cycle
 ronix10  12 Dec 2013 21:40
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This theory doesn't say anything about the Earth ending. Life on Earth wouldn't even end in this scenario, cockroaches and many others would almost certainly survive.

I believe we're most likely to get sucked into a black hole, but if not then the sun will just expand to engulf most of our solar system in..w/e NASA says so, a long time.
 JohnShier  21 May 2008 05:39
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Lots of asteroids have hit the moon already, as attested by all the craters on its surface. Why is the moon more likely to be hit by an asteroid than the earth, considering that it's much smaller? Granted, its atmosphere is weaker so incoming asteroids won't be burn up in its atmosphere to the same extent they would on entering Earth's atmosphere, but, presumably, you are talking about a very large asteroid? One big enough to destroy the moon or knock it out of orbit?

If an asteroid that large appeared, it would be more likely to hit Earth than the moon and, even if it did hit the moon, it would probably cause debris from the impact to rain down on Earth with catastrophic consequences.

The moon is gradually moving away from the Earth, so we will have to deal with it not being there in the end anyway.
 Hidell  20 May 2008 01:13
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How would that block the sunlight?
 moreno  19 May 2008 23:36
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 The ash from the numerous volcanoes
by  Maggie1
 19 May 2008 23:53
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