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People Are Divided Between Enforcers And Nurturers
In American culture for sure, there are two opposed and idealized models of the family, the Nurturant Parent model and the Strict Father model. The progressive worldview represents, metaphorically, the Nurturant Parent family model, and the conservative worldview represents the Strict Father model. The two models come with distinct moral systems that are founded on different assumptions about the world, interpret shared values such as responsibility or fairness differently, and center around different moral priorities. And I am not saying that one is any better than the other, that's not the point.
 grokit  18 Sep 2008 07:01
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Certainly this is a dynamic argument within my own mind so it seems likely that other people struggle with these ideas. The thing is most people feel they must choose a side when sometimes the best course is to walk the line in between and make your own way.
 finsch  19 Sep 2008 07:22
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 Thank you, as always, finsch, for a thoughtful, intelligent, reasoned response.

I wish there was more of that around here sometimes!
by  grokit
 20 Sep 2008 18:20
Though I believe the line between both models can be blurred at times, a majority of American society will lean to one side or the other. Neither one can claim to be the better model, because both have their pro's and con's.
 athling  18 Sep 2008 19:07
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 I would like to add that pro's and con's vary according to cultural needs. Please don't misunderstand my use of the terms pro's and con's, which some will surely do. They could, I suppose, fall within the philosphical theory of relativism.
by  athling
 18 Sep 2008 19:14

You failed to make your point concisely.
 debategal  11 Feb 2011 17:48
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No. Its is this two kinds: MEANIES and not-meanies.
You decide.
You are what you choose to be.
 LyinInWait  20 Oct 2008 21:58
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Whoops, undo
 grokit  18 Sep 2008 18:49
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What about the people who advocate letting people make their own decisions and not intervening into people's lives.

Clearly they are neither the nurturant mother or the strict father
 Kirsty08  18 Sep 2008 16:45
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 This is not about intervening, or decision making; it is about the two competing psychological archetypes that define our society.

"Clearly", you must be smarter than the entire school of Psychoanalytic Constructivism to make such blanket, unsupported statements.

Please share more of your superior knowledge with us, so we can all learn!
by  grokit
 18 Sep 2008 18:50
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