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How To Avoid Women.......
That might be tough,-after all,50% of the world´s population are...But finally,that problem´s been solved.... Http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/israel-new-modesty-glasses-orthodox-jewish-men-blur-women-line-sight-article-1.1133397
 masmo66  11 Aug 2012 11:44
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It sounds like, if anything, women pretty much avoid you, that would tend to explain your misogynistic tendencies.
 pollywog  12 Aug 2012 23:42
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You cannot avoid women, and why would you want to, they are the loveliest people :)
 jschm10  12 Aug 2012 22:40
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 Agreed, wholeheartedly.
by  pollywog
 12 Aug 2012 23:58
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