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Hooters Party Is A Trampy Place For A Bachelor Party
Um, well, i think that my fiance is going there, and I'm really not okay with it, cuz it seems like a really big whor fest
 hitomi  31 May 2008 22:04
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I agree Hooters is not a good place. He should go to a real strip club.
 Ker_Ker  03 Feb 2009 14:54
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I don't see a problem with having a party at hooters
 zoelynn  15 Apr 2009 08:06
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Are you gonna let him stay up past 8:00 on weekdays and watch anything that isn't rated G? I do not mean this in a cruel way, but sweetie, if you don't loosen up, you will lose him.
 my2cents2u  03 Feb 2009 03:10
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I always see people bringing their kids there for their birthday.
 eelmonkey  26 Oct 2008 09:49
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Have you ever been to Hooters?
Really many people give Hooters a bad rap out of total ignorance. Yes the girls are young and sexy and where tight shorts and tight tops and the establishment generally caters to men. However the girls are not whores and not prostitutes. If you think that, then what about High School cheerleaders? Also the Hooters girl wears far more clothing than many single women wear to the beach....and hang around a crowd of horny young men! Seriously I've seen young women wear less than a Hooters girl in Wal-Mart.
So really, would you rather your fiance celebrate his bachelor party at a private residence where his buddies hire a professional stripper? Hooters girls may flirt a bit and they look sexy but they are not going to groove and grind their bodies inches from his face.
 chadocat  11 Aug 2008 23:39
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