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Home-Made Pumpkin Pies Are Better Than Store-Bought Pies
Because they are more tasty and healthful for you and for your family. And, it is also fun to bake pies.
 sylverwyld  18 Nov 2008 00:36
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Home-made pumpkin pies are the best! Mom or grandma or whomever makes you your pumpkin pie knows how you like it. The store bought stuff will never compare.
 ReAxIon08  29 Nov 2008 01:32
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Usually yeah
 Feremeir1  26 Nov 2008 03:19
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Everything homemade tastes better than store bought stuff
 porky  18 Nov 2008 17:16
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Made at home is made the best, but Cosco is almost as good an no hassle.
 Golfelda  18 Nov 2008 04:38
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Generally store bough means full of preservatives but the local deli is O.K.
If you are good at pastry Home baking just can't be beat..;-))
 keepmindok  18 Nov 2008 00:56
 I was told one thanksgiving, that my homemade baked apple pie is the best they ever tasted.

All-organic, all-natural, all-healthy TASTES better.

Pumpkin is my personal best though: I have experimented with all the spices and ingredients like a lab....;-)
I have come up with a fantabulous pumpkin-pie-hybrid that is the BEST. It is beyond splentiferic !
by  sylverwyld
 18 Nov 2008 01:08
Dude, anything home-made by my Grandma, and Hizashi's Grandma is the best.

Dude, you can't get better than our Grandma.
 Genkaku  18 Nov 2008 00:52
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by  Specter87
 29 Nov 2008 01:40
So far I haven't had anything better than store bought.
 Specter87  18 Nov 2008 17:19
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 Poor you...
by  SlyOne
 18 Nov 2008 17:49
I'll have to disagree, store bought tastes better.
 verum  18 Nov 2008 04:40
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 That depends...
by  SlyOne
 18 Nov 2008 17:49
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