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How Often Do You Use A Cleaning Company's Service?
There's a certain worry when hiring a house cleaning company, but it is totally worth it. read more...
Do You Use A Cleaning Company?
Do you have time to do the house cleaning tasks by yourself or you prefer hiring cleaning company to do it? read more...
Do You Use Cleaning Service Company?
Do you have time to do the house cleaning tasks by yourself or you prefer hiring cleaning company to do it? read more...
Do You Think That You Could Do The Cleaning Tasks By Yourself?
Is it better to ask for help about your house cleaning services or it's better to do it yourself not allowing other people to enter into your home? read more...
Do You Organise Your Daily Housekeeping Tasks, Or You Just Go With The Flow?
Are you an organised person when it comes to your housekeeping work, or do you prefer to just go with the flow and clean your home as you please? read more...
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Renting Is A Waste Of Money
In my experience, renting is just putting money in someone else's pocket. read more...
Renovating Your Home Helps It Gain Value
Some think that this is true. Do you think this is true? read more...
Circles On Their Way Out Of Fashion
In the past two years people have been trending to circles on everything; lamps, wall art, sculptures, candle holders and furniture. I am about to redo my living room and I'm liking the circle trend but... read more...
Grass-cutting Must Stop
Grass-cutting is a joke. It's unbelievable to me that this preposterous horticultural fashion has managed to persist for so long. Grass should be allowed to grow. It's not natural for a plant to be 1 or... read more...
Underfloor Heating Under Tiles Is Good
What do you think of underfloor heating under tiles in a kitchen good or bad read more...
IT Is Ok To Live At Home With Mom Until You Are 40.
Bad things and set back happens so going back home is ok. Just have a concrete plan. read more...
Pop Ups Are Disrespectful.
People should call first, suppose I want to tidy up, or maybe I have company and I don't want someone else business... read more...
People Shouldn't Be Prosecuted For Not Cutting Their Grass
There have been many people who have been prosecuted because they haven't cut their grass, petty or what? Better things can be done instead read more...
Horse Manure Does Not Make A Yard Look Nice
Many people put out mulch made from horse manure in their yard. This looks stupid and stinks. I hate going out and smelling people's horse manure because they think they are making their yard look nice.... read more...
Calla Lily Grew Big Leaves. There Were 8 Flower Stalks In Center! Next DAY Center Of Plant Is Dead! There Was No Bad Weather-For 8 Flowers To Just Die Before They Got To Bloom!
Need input and advice on a Calla Lily.
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