New Debates in History
Are Vikings Similar To Isis?
As many of us watched viking T.V Series. According to them they rape, murder, torture people for their religion. Even they sacrifice their own people for making their gods happy which can prove they are... read more...
The Recent Discovery That Egyptian Pharoahs Were Genetically Tested And Proven European Heritage Is Ironic As Europeans Were The Last Demographic To Embrace Christianity.
After all, the Christian's Biblical text explains how Jews were let out of Egypt. read more...
Some Of The Old Debates Make Awesome Reading!
Some of this site's greatest debaters like Hidell and Cephus have crossed swords with off the cuff banter from intelligent design fans. read more...
Which Side Suffered Most As A Result Of The Gallipoli Campaign?
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Assuming The Role Of An Australian From 1915, Do You Believe Conscription Is Acceptable?
Please expand on your own responses
All Debates in History
Do We Learn From History?
They say history repeats itself, but is it true, are we destined to make the same mistakes as previous generations, just in different ways. read more...
History Is Really Important
Do past historical events determine how we do things today? read more...
Malcom X Was Better Than Dr.king
Do u think that malcom x"s believes on going back to Africa and setting up our own business and selling and supporting blacks was right or do you think that dr.kings working together with whites was bette... read more...
Government Is The Cause For Today's Pain
I say that the government is cuz they knew who osama bin laden before 911 and the south east has people willing to kill people for nothing and we are getting tired of being in drug environment is so... read more...
William Jefferson Clinton Was The Best President Of The 20th Century Because His Presidency Helped Americans At All Levels Because Investors And Small Entreprenours Earned Money While Mothers On Welfare Were Trained And Went From Welfare To Work.
The 1990's was perhaps the most profitable in terms of earned and unearned income. More ordinary people raised themselves up and became millionaires, Clinton's Welfare to Work program greatly increased... read more...
Tea Shaped History
Tea has changed the world. For instance, high tea prices caused the Americans to start the revolutionary war! The Boxer Rebellion! Lots of things have changed since the discovery of tea. read more...
Generally Religion Causes Death
It is indisputable that religion causes death. If you look at history you see many examples such as the Holocaust, The Crusades, the war in Iraq, Islamic terrorism, the dispute in Jerusalem read more...
The Big Bang "Theory" Contradicts Science
There's no reason for how the matter got there or how it expanded or how an explosion could possibly bring about order. Therefore, it is unscientific. NOTICE: This explanation of mine stinks (give me... read more...
Easter Is Wrong
The word Easter comes from a pagan goddess called Ishtar or Eostre (there are variations of her name) and the bunnies and eggs have to do with fertility. Is it coincidence Easter is in Spring? read more...
Every Pope Is Fallible
It is against the Bible to say that anyone other than Yahshua ("Jesus") was/is without error. read more...
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