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Hell Is Not Punishment, But A Sadistic Folly
The idea of burning in Hell without retribution is not punishment, especially since Man is unable to determine the existence of Hell until after he dies. After death, God need only show me the reality of Hell and I would worship Him without question for eternity.
 Wolffe  27 May 2008 00:56
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You were told and I was told that bad persons will go burn forever in Hell after they die. I don't think so but I cannot prove it. I believe in some kind of punishment but exactly what ? You tell me !
 Garamond  27 May 2008 02:29
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No. It's a punishment.
 debategal  25 Feb 2011 14:55
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God does not want you to accept Him to save yourself from hell. He wants to develop a relationship with you so you will want to be with him. If you choose not to be with him then hell is the only other option.

Its actually an act of kindness in my opinion. And this is opinion here so make sure to research it for yourself but... I believe hell is finite. I believe those that choose to reject God's offer of salvation will be burned up. Not burn forever. But burned up into non-existence. It is everlasting punishment in the fact that they wont come back into existence. But this is an act of kindness because separation from God is truly hell. It is the torture. So God destroys them so they will not suffer forever.
 created  16 Sep 2008 03:50
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Hell, is when you fall in love with a married man who says he will leave his wife for you but doesn't and wont, and then his wife shoots you in the reproductive area for coveting thy neighbor's spouse ;-)
 Scorpion  05 Jul 2008 01:10
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 Your comment scares me a little.
by  boy2girl31
 05 Jul 2008 01:14
What makes you think that you will be given a chance after you die? After death happens, it's all over. It has been said, "5 minutes after we die, we will know how we should have lived."
 weep4souls  27 May 2008 01:08
 That's my point. The evidence for Hell is non-existent and therefore not a viable means to repent. If I were to SEE Hell, I would change my tune. It's all based on faith. Besides that, what is the point of torturing someone for eternity without giving them a chance to repent? It's not punishment at all. It's cruel and inhumane.
by  Wolffe
 27 May 2008 01:13
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