New Debates in Health
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Health And Fitness
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All Debates in Health
Countries Who Treat Emerging Flu Strains Like H5N1 (bird Flu) As Intellectual Property Are Threatening World Health And Should Be Stopped Immediately From These Practices.
According to the World Health Organization, the world is at a level 3 (of 6) for a pandemic flu alert that is estimated could kill 360 million people worldwide. Countries like Indonesia and China are currently... read more...
All Health Care Should Be Free
Health care in different countries comes at different prices, a national health service often provides services for nothing, yet is the treatment as good when it needs to be shared with everyone? read more...
Children Should Not Get Immunized
There is too much danger because of higher risk of asthma, allergies, ADD and autism. Govt. Only promotes this because of Pharmaceutical interests. read more...
There Is Nothing Wrong With Pro-anorexia Websites.
Anorexia is a potentially fatal eating disorder which affects millions of men and women across the UK. Pro-anorexia websites is a positive way for people to group together and discuss their illness. read more...
It Is A Good Idea To Penalise Hospitals Financially For Every Superbug Victim
With the national health service currently at financial crisis point if we fine every hospital for every patient contracting a superbug they will have to find the money by making cutbacks. Policies from... read more...
These Days We Find More Female Smokers Than Male!!
In any office or university's smoking area you find more women than men.... May be cigarette is always been a symbol of men but now its changing... read more...
We Hear About The Effects Smoking Has On Health . Parents Who Smoke In Front Of Children Should Face Prosecution
The adverse effects of smoking are now well known. Adults should be banned from smoking in the presence of children to prevent them from suffering from passive smoking. read more...
We Should Introduce Presumed Consent For Organ Donors In The UK
In future , unless we opt out we will be presumed to be willing to donate organs in the event of death. read more...
Cruel To Be Kind
Obese people should be banned from fast food outlets in the same way that it is illegal in the UK to be drunk in a bar. read more...
Tobacco Companies Should Be Able To Advertise/Sponsor At Sporting Events
Since tobacco companies are banned from having television commercials in an effort to prevent them from targeting children, it would go against this since many children attend sporting events and would... read more...
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