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Have You Ever Conquered Any Of Your Fears? How?
Self explanatory...!
 LordDaniel  21 Jun 2015 15:09
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I was a fairly quiet lad, never one to grab attention. When I went out for debate and public speaking in high school I was initially quite terrible. Not that I'd say it was a phobia or anything like that, I just was naturally as bad at it as anyone else and I knew it. But I did the research and did the practice and eventually turned it into a college scholarship and college degrees.

The one fear I never really conquered was swimming. I swear to you, I've had the lessons, I've practiced, and I don't panic in the water, so I know I should be able to, but seriously I just don't float like most people, which makes me just not want to take my chances. I'd rather just stay out of anything I can't stand up in. If I fell off the edge of a boat I could probably fake it long enough to get back to the side of the boat or something close by, but let's not test that.
 Grenache  24 Jun 2015 15:58
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Yep. Today I jumped off a boat into the Mediterranean Sea. I say jumped, but I was dithering so much I kinda had my mind made up for me
 damselfly  22 Jun 2015 13:47
 Well done Miss Fly :)
by  LordDaniel
 22 Jun 2015 15:11
Every day.
 Damien  22 Jun 2015 10:44
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 cool Damien keep up the good work.
by  LordDaniel
 22 Jun 2015 15:12
No, but I have won quite a few battles by taking that step past the point of no return.
 justsumguy  22 Jun 2015 17:28
 Yes, the point of no return is always my favorite direction.
by  pollywog
 23 Jun 2015 20:36
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