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Halo 3 Should Be Rated Teen
There not really much language, the blod is blue, or green, and you're just shooting aliens, there's not really any gore or sexual stuff.
 ghosthunt  06 Jun 2008 16:31
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It shouldn't even be rated. Ratings are censorship.
 Anarchy101  10 Nov 2012 12:39
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 Not sure if this is on the right side, but still...
by  Anarchy101
 10 Nov 2012 12:40
To be honnest most times when i play i barely even notice the blood, it is rather minimal to the amount that should come out. RED :) :) :)
 redmaster  07 Jun 2011 06:52
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Agreed. In the way of violence it is minimal, language is negligible and the blood and gore isn't OTT so there isn't really any reason for it to be rated any higher than teen.
 Tromanator  17 Nov 2008 11:24
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Yeah, it should be. It has minimal blood and baby cuss words. There is no need to be rated M.
 AxemRanger  18 Oct 2008 06:06
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Yeah, I've played it a lot and I gotta say that there really isn't anything that bad. At least compared to extremely violent games such as Grand Theft Auto.
 mastermov  10 Jun 2008 03:34
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Yes. From what I've played, what you said is pretty much right.
 Thhhh112  08 Jun 2008 01:26
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Lol! You should see red vs blue on youtube! It really isnt that bad
 catzcanfly  09 Nov 2012 06:49
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No way it isn't really that violent.

You just die a million of times.
 swimmer724  10 Mar 2009 21:18
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It is teen, and who goes by those rating
 14940820  10 Mar 2009 21:08
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For that i want more blood and guts son
 n-stein8_  26 Oct 2008 20:22
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I have to agree on the language it's very minimal. Blue or green blood is still blood which is recognized as the life of living things. So if a alien shot a human and he died its just shooting humans. A tiny bit of gore but not huge and i don't remember any sexual stuff.
 Smito  11 Jun 2008 16:14
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No you there are some people on the Internet online that don't know how to control themselves and language and there is red blood especcialy online. Not to mention the floods mutated bodies and the fact that the soldurs are being thrown arownd like small puppys by the brutes and its the overall consept of people brutaly dieng by a jiant hammer that enforced by gravitaional push and how the floods body parts fall off. Not meny teen games let you snipe a person in the head with blood nomatter waht color hitting the wall behind him with the brutal violance of his limp BODY HITTING THE GROUND. There i'm done. Theres a reason why its reated ''M'' why little kiddies like you can get your hands on a violant game confusing you about life and making you wana go out in the street and hitt other little kiddies with sticks. Making your parents put you on riddlin so you are not a retard.
 pure2  06 Jun 2008 16:37
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 In response to the online thing: Ever see the "ESRB Warning: Game Experience may change during online play" thingy? It means what people do online doesn't change the rating (And it shouldn't)
by  Thhhh112
 08 Jun 2008 01:28
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