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Hallowe'en Is Overcommercialized.
This was once a festival where people -especially children -just enjoyed playing a few games and tricks. Now it' s become a whole industry aimed at getting everyone to spend lots of money - and trick or treaters have become a real pain.
 pedant  24 Feb 2008 15:00
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What holiday isn't?
 hasdass  21 Jul 2011 22:20
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Yes. Halloween is indeed a commercialized event. Candy manufacturers know that and so do the people buying the candy.
 athling  13 Oct 2008 21:08
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I'm for it! Once, it was a Holy day, like Christmas. Now, it's all: "But I want THAT costume, It's the scariest!", teens go around having shaving cream fights, and there are trailers with haunted houses with zombies, open bloody surgery, and other scary myths.
 Remii9512  28 Mar 2008 14:58
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All Hallows was ,to begin with, a celtic/pagan, holy day. I think what it has become is an insult same as the christian Christmas.
 muin13  26 Feb 2008 21:38
 All Hallows was not a Celtic "holy" day. Samhain was. They are two very different "holy" days. All Hallows or All Saints day was used to replace the Roman version of Samhain, who took it from the Celts and added their own bits of tradition to it. Though it was a replacement, it was still a different tradition. Don't take my word for it. Do the research.
by  athling
 13 Oct 2008 21:16
All holidays and popular celebrations have become commercialized, which is why people should think twice before supporting this trend by dressing their kids in foolish costumes and plastic masks, and parading them around the neighbourhood, only to collect tons of candy, which in turn sustains them on a permanent sugar high for the coming week. I am not arguing that parents should not let their kids celebrate Halloween at all, but rather than going out to stores and wasting money on kitsch costumes, adults should encourage children to prepare for this celebration in advance, by making their own attire. At least this way, kids learn the importance of creativity.

I also think it would be a nice idea to popularize All Saints Day in North America. This is a very popular celebration in Central and Eastern Europe, where millions of people visit cemeteries to lay wreaths and light candles, in memory of loved ones who have passed away. When I was growing up in Central Europe, I would go with my mother every year to a cemetery--which resembled an expansive forest--close to where we lived. Going there after dark was a truly memorable experience. Red and green votive candles were everywhere, lighting up the forest and throngs of people (of all ages) were participating in this commemoration.
 mackenzie  24 Feb 2008 16:12
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I completely agree with Sandra. If anything make a debate about Christmas, now that's over commercialized.
 DdAWg  08 Dec 2009 04:56
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True the holiday has been commercialized, but what holiday isn't? It depends on how you measure "overcommercialized". All holidays today have some sort of material gain from them so I don't think you can really tag Halloween as "overcommercialized". It's too broad an argument with no clear definitions. And besides, just like every other holiday not all people go out spend hundreds at Hallmark .
 SandraO  24 Mar 2008 03:20
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