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Plastic Is Better Than Glass
I believe that plastic is a better material choice than glass because it is less harmful to the environment
 Jessica  07 Feb 2008 01:58
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Glass has danger that it might be broken.
Plastics have less potential danger.
 goodjay  04 Aug 2011 07:23
 It's obvious none of you have done any research in this issue. Reading this article is a very good start in considering this debate...

by  Hollykat
 10 Jul 2012 16:29
Definitely glass is better because glass made if silica and it is bioinert so cannot has bad effect on body, what about plastics? Not only they made of some polymers that cannot degrade easily but also after degradation might release some toxic organic materials.
 sajede  30 Apr 2013 08:56
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I believe its the other way around
glass degrades into sand
plastic degrades over millions of years and harms wildlife
 wush  07 May 2010 11:39
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No it is not because plastic is made from a non-renewable resource
 pppst  20 May 2009 14:25
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Glass is a made from silica, the content of sand.

Plastic is made from a petroleum by-product, the content of oil.

People as ignorant as you should have read-only Internet access.
 K9  15 Mar 2009 09:50
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Are you completely dense? Plastic is by no means better for the environment than glas. Glass is ENTIRELY organic and will not harm the environment in almost anyway, shape, or form. Whereas plastic is highly destructive to the environment. The creation and disposal of plastics completely ruins the earth. Gain some common sense please.
 wallaceg12  06 Oct 2008 21:09
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Plastic uses a lot more manufacturing, and is made from Oil, therefore it is twice as worse, Glass is made from natural things, which don't make you sick when looking at them.
Plus, if you eat plastic (too much) you can die, but with glass, its a lot harder to eat so =p
 Mega_Bowl  14 Jun 2008 18:47
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The one thing I can say is DO YOUR HOMEWORK, plastic actually never recycles. It does not breakdown and is nothing but filling landfills because people don't recycle enough and you cant wash the bacteria off of it if you put it in too hot of a sterilizer then guess what???? IT MELTS.. Glass is much better, safer for all.
 moonak  14 Apr 2008 01:43
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Glass has always been a conventional material used in manufacturing utensils, showpieces and other articles of daily use. Plastic is a modern supplement of glass which is a more light and hardy substance. Hence plastic containers and carry-bags are used vastly. But they are not safe as the glasswares are. They generate many dangerous bacteria and germs. The scientific formula for plastic is bisphenol. This chemical distributes pollutants that can lead to hormonal disorder in human body. The other fatal effects are abnormal chromosomes, miscarriages etc. Another form of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride causes infertility, tissue damage in different organs etc. Plastic is not a biodegradable material; it is dangerous for environmental balance. On the other hand glass containers are absolutely harm-free and eco-friendly. Hence it is good to follow the traditions at times by using glass instead of plastic, as it is not a good substitute.
 sudipa  11 Apr 2008 23:42
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Plastic is a very serious issue here in the UK.
 spillbo  23 Mar 2008 13:52
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Plastic never leaves this universe, therefore is horrible for the environment.
 1andonly  08 Feb 2008 03:14
 Of course it never leaves the universe, but it's a purely natural product, made of natural ingredients, just like most things that we use are. What, you think glass just magically appears out of nowhere?
by  Cephus
 08 Feb 2008 22:21
I think plastic is greatly over used and not recycled by the irresponsible
 coral  08 Feb 2008 02:10
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Plastic or glass? Well, in the US, I believe that we use more plastic containers than glass containers. However, I believe that both plastic and glass are great products. As long as people are recycling them, as they should be, then I believe that both are okay to use. I do not prefer one over the other. It really depends on the product inside the bottle. Some products are better in glass containers and other products are better in plastic containers. The main thing in this case is recycling. It is very important that we recycle both plastic and glass in order to preserve the future of our environment.
 Professor  07 Feb 2008 13:45
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 plastic is hazardous because there is some non reacted functional group in polymeric chain of plastic . so it might releases in daily usage
by  sajede
 30 Apr 2013 08:44
I am against the statement. As long as plastic and glass are being recycled they do not pose any threat to the environment as both are recyclable materials. When we consider the circumstances when they are not being recycled and are left to decay plastic takes longer to decompose and harmful gases are emitted during the process which makes plastic more harmful for the environment when compared to glass.
 Twilight  07 Feb 2008 10:57
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Both glass and plastic are recyclable and so long as they are recycled, neither is particularly harmful to the environment. Plastic, however, is a petroleum product and as such, not a very renewable resource.
 Cephus  07 Feb 2008 07:03
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by  uberlovely
 08 Feb 2008 12:01
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