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Garbage Dumps Should Allow For Scavenging
Currently there are not many garbage dumps in my area that allow for scavenging, that is, going through and taking things that still have a use. What do we think?
 Truth  16 May 2008 16:35
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First, let me say that I am against the common person going to the dump to look for stuff. That's a messed up, disgusting version of window shopping. I would definitely approve of recycling companies going through dumps systematically, safely, and sanitarily to look for recyclabe materials. They would help the dumps by giving them a small payment, opening space/reducing the size of the dump, and helping the environment.
 higa123  13 Mar 2013 20:25
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It is good stewardship of the resources on this planet. Lots of good, non hazardous waste is in those landfills. Wood, rubber, metal, etc. All useful AND re-usable!
 andr3wC  21 Mar 2011 06:30
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It makes perfect sense and I am all for it.
 -benjamin-  23 Jun 2010 00:37
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If you think this is very disgusting, why don't you think about yourself. Its us who have made these rubbish. What's the problem with reusing guys?
 megalon6  20 Jan 2010 12:37
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Give and let live
 grokit  17 Aug 2008 23:05
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Yes because people that are poor that cant afford new stuff so they can get old stuff for free. If i worked at a dump i would let hobos sneak in every night.:) and give a peace of my sandwich

 Pure  16 May 2008 16:39
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by  Pure
 16 May 2008 22:13
Absolutely, it will cut down on the garbage levels, and is the real life version of one's man trash is another man's treasure
 Truth  16 May 2008 16:35
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 lol you are totaly right
by  Pure
 16 May 2008 22:12
I think it would be an act of debasement for these poor people. By not letting them scavenge in disease-ridden refuse (rotting diapers, hypodermic syringes), we are keeping then from falling into the lowest form of life they could have.

Trash diggers would become seriously infected by bacteria contracted at the dumps, regardless of little latex gloves.

The medical drain on our economy trash diggers would bring would finally break us forever
 tinseldove  15 Apr 2009 22:15
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Its an issue of liability.

People could get injured rummaging through piles of unsorted garbage, and then they'd sue the dump.
 ur_wrong  05 Oct 2008 23:32
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That's recycling but to a level I don't want to be at.
 Balance_92  17 Aug 2008 23:01
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mucking around in other's refuse?
Is so gross on so many levels.
I vote NO.
 Scorpion  17 Aug 2008 22:50
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 People who don't have the money to maintain what you think is a reasonable life won't find that so gross.
by  verum
 16 Sep 2008 20:07
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