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Fender Are Better Than Gibson
Theyre better, and cheaper guitars
 Lynchee  20 Sep 2009 17:07
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Fender makes many different guitars. They range from cheap to expensive made. The cheap models should never be mistaken for the "real" Fender guitars.

Fender has the classic bell-tones that come with the single coil pickups, and Gibson has the thick rock tone that comes with the humbucker.

Gibsons are generally made with a wood that is more dense (giving a fuller sound).

I have a Jackson Soloist Custom that is a super-strat. It incorporates the best of both of both worlds. The super-strat declined when people became bored with hearing guitar. Every Tom, Dick and Harry became a guitar God.

With the advent of sound processors and the listeners taste for heavy chorus, it probably doesn't matter now what kind of guitar one has. If it stays in tune, sound processing can take care of the rest.

Fender bought out most of the superstrat makers so Fender distrubutes some superstrats.

 justsumguy  20 Sep 2009 19:07
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