New Debates in Family
Should Children Be Taught Early That They Need To Move Out Of The House Eventually By Certain Age?
Are children now a days unprepared for the real world; because, they are not given clear expectation that they need to go out and hunt for them-self eventually one day? read more...
Humanity Would Benefit If The Global Birth Rate Dropped To 1.5 Children Per Couple.
According to this online calculator, a birth rate of 1.5 would halve the world population by 2065, assuming low infant mortality and a generational time of 25 years. This would vastly reduce the competition... read more...
Teenagers Lives Are Easier Than Adults OLD Teenagers Lives
Adults teenagers lives back then is nothing compared to our teenagers lives right now . The amount of work they (adult teenagers) used to do is so tough that non of us nowadays teenagers have done . By... read more...
Should We Allow Swearing On FAA?
Swear words are beginning to slip through the site's filtering system! read more...
Lease Security Deposits Should Be Smaller
Lease bonds should be smaller. Sometimes, there's nothing you can do to please your landlord. He can withhold your security deposit no matter that you hires a cleaner, steam-cleaned the upholstery or even... read more...
All Debates in Family
Family Relationship Is Dying Out.
The World Has Become More And More Complicated And More And More Hectic, Is This Estranging Our Family Relationship, Because I Sometimes Forget All About My Family Owing To Many Other Things. read more...
Same Sex Couples Do Not Make Good Child Rearers
I think to be a good parent, you need to be part of an ordinary one man and one woman couple, because children need role models. read more...
Teenage Pregnancy Is A Good Thing
Getting girls pregnant at a young age is a good thing. They will become stay at home mums and keep the population steady. read more...
Arranged Marriages Are Contrary To Human Rights
A teenager was murdered in Britain recently because she was fearful of an arranged marriage. They are against women and men's rights to free choice. Should anyone in the UK found to be responsible for... read more...
Women Have Too Much Pressure On Them To Have Careers And Children. We Need To Pay Women A Good Wage To Stay At Home And Make Their Families Their Career.
Too many women feel they have to be 'super' women, juggling careers and families. Paying women to stay at home until their children are teenagers would ease to burden and take the stigma some women feel... read more...
Walmart Should Not Be Permitted To Sale Toys Made In China
Today there are a lot of stories in the news about toys being recalled due to high levels of lead. These toys were made in China. Should Walmart be permitted to sale these toys made in China, knowing that... read more...
If You Cannot Feed Them, Don't Breed Them
It you are not able to support children, you should not be allowed to give birth to them. read more...
Breast Feeding In Public Is Disrespectful To Other People
Some women breast feed their babies in pubic. Although breast feeding is a good thing for the baby, it is not a good things for others to watch in public. Breast feeding should be done in privacy. read more...
Children Should Be Allowed To Divorce Their Parents
Do you think children should be allowed to legally divorce their parents? If yes, at what age and for what reasons? If no, what reasons? read more...
Children Should Sleep In Their Own Beds
I think it is absurd and very unsafe for parents to put their infant children in the bed with them while they sleep. Many parents say they 'hear every breath' or 'feel every move' their babies are making.... read more...
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