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Fail Videos Are Hilarious
I mean, seriously they are so funny!
 DWood12  24 Sep 2013 11:43
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It's funny!!! Have you even seen the parodies? They're parodies!!!
 MLP4EVER  27 Feb 2014 20:57
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I don't know the psychology behind the fun but yes, I agree that Fail videos tend to be fun :) Maybe it's because the video is stating the situations that are true to life, rare to happen, and things that are shameful at first but you are grateful that you were the one to learn it rather than to experience it.
 Mellomilky  22 Oct 2013 10:54
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Im always in them :(
 turneyboi  18 Mar 2014 11:27
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A quarter are people genuinely getting hurt, a quarter simply aren't funny, and the other half may or may not be funny.
 GrandCru  02 Oct 2013 16:43
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