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Every Person Should Have His/her Own Car.
I think every person should have his or her own car because everything is so much convenient with cars. Also , you don't have to obey the subway or train, so you can go and arrive anytime you want to.
 emili  29 Sep 2010 02:37
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Owning a car shows status in society. You don't have to climb on the train with bums and people from other races. Lastly, you're in control of a car, you're not in control of the train or bus to avoid accidents.
 Keegan  08 Nov 2010 18:37
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Sure, everyone of legal driving age should have a car - - assuming A) they want to, B) they can afford to buy one, C) they can afford the maintenance, gas, insurance, and whatnot that comes with owing a car.
If not, then biking, walking, and/or public transportation are more realistic options.
 beth  03 Oct 2010 12:28
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No, you should only be allowed to own a car if you are able to park it off the street.
 RustyWater  27 Apr 2012 11:41
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No but I think that we could set up hyper accurate catapults and nets as an effective mass transit system.
 finsch  29 Sep 2010 16:06
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Every person should have their way.
 moreno  29 Sep 2010 16:03
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Every person should have his/her own bicycle.
 Ballsalsa  29 Sep 2010 13:12
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 Particularly when you live in a town with bike paths and bike lanes. I would bike to campus dressed to teach in skirt and blazer.
by  Lynn
 29 Sep 2010 13:18
Every recidivist drunk should have the opportunity to play blind-man's bluff getting home from the bars, apparently.

They tried to enact laws in the U.S. To confiscate cars from habitual drunk drivers but ran into major opposition. (Oddly, enough, little opposition to seizing the home of a grandmother whose grandson was smoking pot in the basement.)

Cheaper land for developers on the outskirts of cities -- public outcry against subsidizing public transportation (car subsidies are better hidden) -- personal distance from neighbors and the inability to carpool -- zoning laws to separate living and business sections, etc., have all led to Americans dependence on cars.

We need to change the infrastructure, not require every parent to buy their kid a car at age 16 so they don't have to chauffeur them around.
 Lynn  29 Sep 2010 13:01
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More pollution, more waste, more oil used. Gee, you're a genius. 9_9

I am so looking forward to the day not far off when oil hits US$300/barrel and driving is too expensive for even the wealthy. I'm in my 40s and can keep up with scooters while on my bicycle, well over 30km/h. All the fat and out of shape morons will be too slow and unhealthy to survive when food shortages occur, and they're the first to die.

Of course, we could have had more cars if they had continued being built like they were in the late 1970s: Small chassis, low weight, low horsepower, and many over 50mpg.

But too many morons wanted more speed, which means more safety devices and more weight. Even without those factors, the faster you go the more wind resistance and less fuel efficiency.
 K9  29 Sep 2010 12:40
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 A lot of fat people would survive during famines because their bodies are designed to store fat with less food (At least some). When a fat man begins to starve his or her body will began to eat the fat. When a skinny person begins to starve his or her body will go after the muscle, and then shortly after he or she will drop dead.
by  verum
 29 Sep 2010 15:26
Should we be celebrating that millions more people will have access to one of the most revolutionary developments of the 20th century? Is it a great day for equality? Or is this bad for smog, congestion, the environment and public transport?
 Timothy  29 Sep 2010 07:59
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I'm 13. I don't need a car. I have no use for one either. As damselfly said, there are many alternative transports available(and you could go on two feet). And as grenache said the need of a car is not present in every-bodies life. Buying a car is a personal choice.
 wush  29 Sep 2010 07:49
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Anyway, what's wrong with having a tricycle? You can carry a lot of shopping on one, and even another person, and you'd keep fit having to pedal.
 damselfly  29 Sep 2010 07:24
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I don't think a 5 year old should have a car. It would be no use to them and if they actually got their hands on the wheel...
 foodness  29 Sep 2010 07:22
 Oh that's just silly, foodness. Five-year-olds can easily get their hands on the wheel if they stand on the driving seat
by  damselfly
 29 Sep 2010 07:26
1) It depends on where you live. If you're in the middle of an urban area with mass transit, or an isolated area only reachable by different transport (boat, airplane), it's a waste of money and actually a hassle to have a car. 2) It depends on if others you are with have the trasportation covered, like if your company or government facility provides cars or drivers, or if your spouse or roommates will get you where you need to go. 3) It depends on your own capacity to drive (age, health, handicaps like being blind, etc). 4) In some densely populated areas if everyone stopped taking mass transit and instead drove their own car the streets aleady barely passable with congestion would have 10 times the cars clogging it all up, and there wouldn't be nearly enough parking. 5) And finally it's better for the environment if we don't all individually have a car.
 Grenache  29 Sep 2010 05:00
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