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Evergreen Trees Are Pagan Symbols And Should Not Be Used To Celebrate The Birth Of Christ
"shepherds watching their flocks by night" would have been in March. Early Christian leaders chose to absorb winter solstice celebrations to focus attention to the teachings of Jesus (which was valid). Evergreens symbolize the endless circle of life and the knowledge that the sun will return (days get longer). These are, obviously, pagan philosophies that help bolster the hope of heaven and an everlasting life with God. But, the evergreen tree IS a pagan symbol and should not be used to celebrate the birth of Christ. P.S my tree has a star on top.
 Bowdahaid  14 Jun 2008 16:46
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Once again, this tradition belongs to the Germanic cultures. Much of what we "celebrate" came directly from those cultures. Like I have mentioned before, a brief study or review of these Teutonic peoples will reveal those truths. The Evergreen (Yule tree) has nothing to do with Yahshuah ha Maschiach.
 athling  14 Oct 2008 16:25
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No innocent tree should be cut down to commemorate a fake superstition, regardless of whether the tree was used as a pagan symbol or not. If helpless flora is destroyed to celebrate the birth of a supposed avatar, it does seem appropriate, however, given the monunmental damage which the cult of christianity has inflicted on the human race and the natural world over the centuries.

There is no doubt that the pagan superstitions were much more in touch with nature than the fanatic strains of monetheism which superseded them. It's just a pity that the people of Europe didn't have the cultural self-confidence to cling to their own traditions, rather than accepting seemingly every strain of wild foolishness which emanated from the Middle East.
 Hidell  15 Jun 2008 14:22
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 Trees have got you fooled if you are convinced they are innocent. They are sneaky blighters who stand at the side of a road for years and years, and then one night when you're driving home from the pub they leap out at you. The moral of this story is: Never trust a tree
by  damselfly
 14 Nov 2010 02:40
I read that it was a fertility symbol.
 Stranger  14 Jun 2008 21:25
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See http://www.heathenholidays.com
Of course, if folks don't obey Acts 2:38 it won't matter what they do.
 BroWinter  14 Jun 2008 21:07
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The beauty of Christmas is that it is whatever you want it to be. Christian, Pagan, just a tradition - all are welcome to join in with what the rest of society is doing. It is a time of goodwill.
 damselfly  13 Nov 2010 16:07
 And Atheist, I celebrate the social tradition.
Check this out.
by  finsch
 13 Nov 2010 16:59
Since the evergreen tree is a symbol of eternal life, I don't see the issue with using it as a symbol for Jesus Christ. It's not pagan. Actually, now that Christmas has become a tiny bit more materialized, most people don't recognize it as a symbol anymore.
 bookworm3  20 Nov 2008 23:55
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Isn't the new testament good enough for Christians? Pagan tree, great.
 characters  10 Aug 2008 06:24
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All holidays in christian mythology were invented to try and supercede the original holidays. The christian cult, like every other empire, has always sought to destroy previously existing cultures by replacing them and destroying the artifacts of their existence, especially in countries were female-worship was the norm.

1) There was no such person as Valentinus, it is a myth and a lie. "Valentine's Day" was an invention intended to make Romans forget about the Lupercalian festival (where young people were often introduced to potential spouses).

2) There was no "jeezus" and the mythical "easter" is a fabrication intended to override the traditional worship of Oestre, the goddess of fertility. April is the beginning of the growing (and where we get the word estrogen).

3) "All Hallow's Eve" (a/k/a Hallowe'en) and "All Saints' Day" were inventions intended to supercede the traditional druidic festival of Samhain (pronounced "sow-en"). The end of October is the end of the growing season, and Samhain was seen as giving thanks to the Earth for harvests.

4) The mythical jeezus and "christmas" are inventions intended to supercede two different pagan and one jewish holidays - the winter solstice, the "birth of Mithras" 3 days after the solstice (12/25), and hanukkah (christians always hated and murdered jews for 2000 years until the nazis made it unfashionable).

Mithras was the most recent retelling of the same mythology of Krishna that had been floating from India westward for hundreds of years: A "son of god", "born to a virgin", was a "saviour to mankind", and "would rise to heaven from his grave". The christian myth is a complete ripoff of the cult of Mithras, and the word "christ" is a corruption of the name Krishna as traders shared their fables along the silk road.
 K9  10 Aug 2008 06:18
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 Absolutely correct!
by  hodver
 16 Mar 2009 03:43
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